I am a new Poor Peoples Campaign Member…

Why have we allowed the Corporations and the rich to take over and pretty much rule the Planet?    Tell me friends,  where do the Wealthy find all that $$$$$?            Well, they pretty much gather it up from the regular everyday working Joe’s That is You and I my friends…      We must fill those empty Bellies,  we must have Clothes, new cars, computers, T.V.s a home to rest our weary heads in after a day spent waitressing, house keeping, running our selves ragged in one of good ole Amazons warehouses, where every moment of one’s working hours must be accounted for…Whilst earning perhaps seven or eight dollars an hour , as the Boss Man earns Ten Thousand or more for that same hour…Thus the modern form of slavery that from the time we’re infants we are brainwashed into believing that that is the way life is… Not many are able to free themselves from this conditioning,  How is one able to learn that life does not have to be this way,  when one is born into life of parents who were themselves unable to free themselves from the horrible cycle of poverty and ignorance…  The trap is carefully laid,  The rich have had centuries to design it, and the system is carefully protected from any interference by the likes of us… You  see, every man woman and child, would have to cooperate as ONE United Mind, to defeat this evil empire…  How do we show the Rulers who really has the power?    What do the rulers always need more of?    Money,  and since the money is produced only with our labor and our spending of our meager paychecks in their stores, their hospitals, the immense supply of goodies to buy,  provided by other slaves mostly in low wage countries, we must cut out the supply of Money…   this means:   Stock up on food, gas, medicine, and then for a week or a month, NOBODY shows up to work, NOBODY shops… When the flow of Money slows down     The rich will panic, threats will be made:  Back to Work or ELSE….The police will be thick on the streets, the Armies will be put on alert, But we must act as One Unified living force… We must be brave and say NO!        NO! NO! to slavery and humiliation…”It is better to die on your feet, than to live on your Knees.” Spanish Heroine in Spain’s civil war…Then we must learn that life works well when all men, women, and children live in Service to each other,  instead of slavery to the whims of those who believe only in profit, at the cost of poverty for the many and Riches for the few….                                                                                                                                 ……………………………..FOREWORD……………………………….                                                                                                                   “He said to the people, “Sing high.  Do not stifle the song in your heart.”   And the people said, “We are hungry, we sing low and sad.   He said to the people, ” Stand and demand.”   And the people said, “We are sick and we are tired.” He said to the people, “Know yourselves, there is glory in you.”  And the people said, “We know our burdens and frustrations, our problems and anxieties, our hardships and our suffering.”               “Are those in power like you?” He asked.   “Are they burdened and beaten?”  And the people said they are not, they are rich.  They are respected and honored.”        Then He said, ” They have taken your share and theirs, and allowed you a pittance.   That is not just.  Claim your rights.”   And the people said, “When we claim our rights, they jail us, they defame us; they ostracize us.”   He bows his head and says nothing.  The People bow their heads and say nothing.   The planet turns slowly toward midnight and despair.                                                                                                                                              Now He speaks again.  “Do not despair,” He says.        Creativity is on our side.  Love is on our side.  Beauty is on our side.  Truth is on our side.  Miracles are on our side.  We cannot lose.  Look at the stars, they dispel the blackness of the night.  They, too,  are on our side.  Stand up and celebrate.”  A fire runs through the people.  They clench their fists and raise their arms. “We will fight,” they say.   “We will demand our rights,” they say.  “We will achieve justice,” they say, “For ourselves and for all men.”                                                               By Sireo Esteve, from “The Experience, a Celebration of Being.”   Random House 1974…                      P.S. I quote from the “Experience,” because he states what I feel so much more eloquently than I ever could…. Love to all, Alaska Man Speaks…


And I Wish You All A Peaceful Christmas; Year 2019;

I would dare to ask why are Ships of War, still roaming our Seas? ~~~~~When the People of Earth desire only Peace & Harmony? ~~~~~Could it be because our so-called leaders desire Profit above all else? ~~~~~Where will that Profit go, when they meet their inevitable end? ~~~~~Gone to Graveyards, every-one……………… ~~~~~I fail to understand how a man who entered this world screaming for a Tit to suck on, and then got lucky and earned his-self a fortune, and then decides to keep it all for his-self, when he could have used that fortune to change this world into a Better Place for all to live in, instead sails on a 450 foot Yacht, flies around this world in a private plane, never deigns to look at poverty or ghettos, or the homeless people; and never thinks to ask: “Why is this?” Or how he made that fortune on the backs of wage-slave employees…… ~~~~~Or, maybe ask why we have such a huge Military/Industrial complex, that we waste $750 Billion dollars a year building bombs & missiles to only wreck havoc upon civilians…… ~~~~~Consider Dresden, Germany, or Tokyo, Japan, where we decided to Fire-bomb people, innocent civilians, who had no interest in War, into ashes, just because we could do it……Or testing out that new weapon, the atomic bomb, upon cities full of innocent humans just living out their daily lives, Oh what Glory to be had in that enterprise! ~~~~~Shame, Shame, Shame, on us so-called Humans Being……This is NOT the way to be accepted as a Citizen of this Universe, sorry, application DENIED……

What a Wonderful World;

A Long, Dark Night Is Coming…….

And the Creator spoke; saying: “Let there be Light, and there was Light….. ~~~~~Just a thought here; how about instead of giving all the Rich People in this world, even more $$$$$, we instead decide to gift our $$$$$ to worthy causes in each others names? I know lots of worthy causes because every extra dollar I have goes to them…..~~~~~I.E.: Doctors Without Borders, is my favorite one, because they do Medicine the way it should be done, going into war zones, poverty zones, healing everyone, sending them out the door without a giant bill that will bankrupt them, treating every-one, friend or foe equally; I send them Blessings & Cash well spent…… ~~~~~How about YOUR LOCAL FOOD PANTRY? So that no-one shall have to go to bed hungry, just because they fell on Hard Times? Or your local Homeless Shelter? People dedicated to helping those less fortunate than your-selves? Or the Salvation Army? Or your local Hospice? Even as few as $10.00 goes a long ways, especially if 10,000 people do this, we could change this world into a much better place to live in…… ~~~~~Which is better to buy, a little, soon trashed toy, or a way to support those people fallen on hard times? I think a little Generous offer of a few bucks here and there sets a Great Example for our Children to live up^ to…..Instead of all that wasted wrapping paper! ~~~~~I work hard on this site to convince Human Beings that Sharing, rather than Greed is the Road to a Peaceful, Loving World to live in and Bequeath to our Children….. ~~~~~I had to shut down my news feeds, with their tales of wars & murders & mans in- humanity to man, it was just making me sick, and I want to be Well! ~~~~~So to sum up^, it is far better to give than to receive, you will have made some person’s life more worth living by your gift, than to make the ungenerous Rich even Richer, because they tend to keep all of those riches for them-selves, rather than learn the art of sharing……Done Here!

Ah! The Audience;

Well the stadium is filling up^, This old man must have some-thing interesting to say, I am up^ to three Hundred, I want 30,000 + Readers, Writers to join in on this Party….. ~~~~~Acting Together, we can turn this sad old world into a Paradise! ~~~~~No More of WAR, and the Weapons of WAR……………….. ~~~~~Our Children are depending on US to make this Happen, Here & Now….. ~~~~~We can do it by all coming Together….. ~~~~~When we accomplish this, I believe this Universe will open it’s self up^ to US, and visitor’s will decide by to introduce them-selves to us, because we will be off of the “No-Fly” List……This is such a Simple thing, to lay down the Guns, and quit manufacturing Bombs How hard is that to do? Just Say; “NO MORE”…………………….. ~~~~~

A Graceful Exit;

I am going to exit this lifetime, any time now, my old heart will stop beating……………..~~~~~ I would hope that I left behind me, A Future Paradise for All of Our Children to Enjoy, and delight in….. I worked Hard at It! I wrote many thousands of Words, which is all I had to work with, those words…..& this little lap-top machine…… ~~~~~Hey! Out there, how many of you realize that Automatic Deposit is a Machine, A Machine that does not recognize that Humans Die? Theoretically those deposits could just go on forever…..Which makes a wonderful opportunity to donate all of that money to good charities, like Doctor’s With-out Borders. or your local Food Pantry, therefore eliminating Poverty on this Good, Good, Good Earth, a place where a pound of growing soil is worth it’s weight in that useless metal Gold….. ~~~~~Think on this man’s quote; ” A hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove —–but this world may be different because I was important in the Life of a Child….” Forest E. Witcraft….. ~~~~~Instead of waging War, let us begin to Wage Peace…..So the Children we claim to Love so much will have a Paradise to Inherit….. ~~~~~I have said this before, and I will say it again here; All of that Gold, mined at such great cost, 1/6 ounce per ton of ore, crushed into dust, poisoned forever, to waste away in steel vaults far below the cities streets, still sitting there, inert, useless long after Humans have ceased to exist on Planet Earth! What a waste of time, of energy, of lives spent in the gathering up^ of it…….I have had my Say……

A little warning to idiots;

There seems to be some few humans out there who seem to think that an old man sitting on his couch, typing out words that enter into his brain through Free Association with this whole Universe, seems like a threat to them, Well, little Petty-minded people, you cannot and will not stop me….. Like I told the last man who tried to Spam me, I will find your Home place, and then I will enter it, and strangle you to death with your power cord…..~~~~~So do not F–k with me, I say what I mean, and I mean what I say! ~~~~~All of life is just a game that God can Play, and Play He does, with Night & Day, Light and darkness, every animal that disappears here reappears in another,more welcoming Home, Nothing, which we are made of, is ever Lost……Where do all of those Stars come from? They are born out of Nothing! So Hydrogen & Helium Atoms, those Scientists say, yet where did those Atoms come from? This whole Universe we see was Created out of Nothing!, Because in the Beginning there was Nothing, Nothing at all..~~~~~I think that the Great Creator has this Lady, the Love of His Life, His love so great for Her, that he had to Create Stars & Cloak Her in them, just to show His Love for Her! ~~~~~Take a moment out and step out-side and look out, not up^ and you will view the Love of the Creator of this Universe……

Adventures in Time;

Now, consider these things, here I sit a little old man, all alone on his couch, with the only thing left to do is to type out words, I use the tools available to me, which at this moment in time are the key-board, Qwerty, and so on…..Do I have any thing to say? ~~~~~I always invested my money in Tools, because without the proper Tools one can fix/repair nothing…..Yet with the help of these tools I could fix almost everything, but this little lap-top computer, so what to do? Well I invested my few dollars in a back-up new computer, so if this one fails I just plug in the new one…………….. ~~~~~My ultimate Goal is a thousand meaningful words written each day! ~~~~~It seems to be working, I have over two hundred E-mails to answer, never a dull moment Here! I am having the best time, meeting new Friends all over the World! I am going to Invade China, Indonesia, Japan next, I have yet to meet up^ with an Asian friend, but I got Italy, England, France, Germany, not yet Russia, but give me another few thousand Heart-beats, Another hour or two to live, and I will conquer this whole world into waging Peace instead of that wasteful use of our resources to wage Wars…… ~~~~~So, tell me my friends, am I being useful here or wasting my precious last few hours, days, maybe years?

Riding on that Night Train;

Well, here it is 12:48 AM, and here I am working on my Goal of a thousand words a day…..I could easily spend them all just answering the E-Mail Pile….. ~~~~~All of those writer’s out there who wrote to me, you make my old man’s Heart Sing with Joy! Yesterday, this nice Lady neighbor dropped off to me a giant bowl of Soup, & a Ham Sandwich, so I did not have to stop and cook myself a meal……Is this a magical World, or What? ~~~~~This old age thing is quite strange, here I am allowed to say anything I can think up^, like my even older Sister found this great joke on the net, sent from an even older friend of Her’s; “Don’t Piss Off Old People; the Older we get the less “Life in Prison” is a Deterrent!” Is that a warning or what? ~~~~~I am trying to locate my Humor Center, instead of being so serious all the time here on this net….. ~~~~~How ever it makes my Laugh & Cry at the same time, the absolute Stupidity of humans continuing to strip mine this beautiful Planet to accumulate More Gold, when their Vaults are stuffed full of that worthless Shit! ~~~~~The utter Stupidity of wanting to spend another Trillion $$$$$ on building even more Nuclear Bombs, so someday we can fire them off and turn This Good Earth into a pile of Rubble, as President Assad has done to His Own Country, Syria, and even now has the balls to expect other countries, who were not so Stupid, to step in and Help Him Rebuild His Barrel Bombed piece of Shit desert….. ~~~~~What I want to do is adopt some of his Refugees, let them make a new home in my Peaceful House; but no, our Ego – headed president will not allow it. How Stupid is that? When people decide to flee their own homes, what are they seeking? What do they want and desire? The same thing we all want & desire, a safe place to lay one’s head down to sleep, a safe place for their children to grow up^ in, a meaningful job to work at that pays a Livable Wage…..Maybe even Good Schools for their Children to learn how to live in this Life-time…..Is that too much to ask for? ~~~~~I do not have so many heartbeats left, so I am trying to use them wisely. ~~~~~Who will miss me when I depart this Plane of Existence? ~~~~~”100 years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was—The sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove—–but this World may be different because I was important in the Life of a Child.” Forest E. Witcraft…..