I am a new Poor Peoples Campaign Member…

Why have we allowed the Corporations and the rich to take over and pretty much rule the Planet?    Tell me friends,  where do the Wealthy find all that $$$$$?            Well, they pretty much gather it up from the regular everyday working Joe’s That is You and I my friends…      We must fill those empty Bellies,  we must have Clothes, new cars, computers, T.V.s a home to rest our weary heads in after a day spent waitressing, house keeping, running our selves ragged in one of good ole Amazons warehouses, where every moment of one’s working hours must be accounted for…Whilst earning perhaps seven or eight dollars an hour , as the Boss Man earns Ten Thousand or more for that same hour…Thus the modern form of slavery that from the time we’re infants we are brainwashed into believing that that is the way life is… Not many are able to free themselves from this conditioning,  How is one able to learn that life does not have to be this way,  when one is born into life of parents who were themselves unable to free themselves from the horrible cycle of poverty and ignorance…  The trap is carefully laid,  The rich have had centuries to design it, and the system is carefully protected from any interference by the likes of us… You  see, every man woman and child, would have to cooperate as ONE United Mind, to defeat this evil empire…  How do we show the Rulers who really has the power?    What do the rulers always need more of?    Money,  and since the money is produced only with our labor and our spending of our meager paychecks in their stores, their hospitals, the immense supply of goodies to buy,  provided by other slaves mostly in low wage countries, we must cut out the supply of Money…   this means:   Stock up on food, gas, medicine, and then for a week or a month, NOBODY shows up to work, NOBODY shops… When the flow of Money slows down     The rich will panic, threats will be made:  Back to Work or ELSE….The police will be thick on the streets, the Armies will be put on alert, But we must act as One Unified living force… We must be brave and say NO!        NO! NO! to slavery and humiliation…”It is better to die on your feet, than to live on your Knees.” Spanish Heroine in Spain’s civil war…Then we must learn that life works well when all men, women, and children live in Service to each other,  instead of slavery to the whims of those who believe only in profit, at the cost of poverty for the many and Riches for the few….                                                                                                                                 ……………………………..FOREWORD……………………………….                                                                                                                   “He said to the people, “Sing high.  Do not stifle the song in your heart.”   And the people said, “We are hungry, we sing low and sad.   He said to the people, ” Stand and demand.”   And the people said, “We are sick and we are tired.” He said to the people, “Know yourselves, there is glory in you.”  And the people said, “We know our burdens and frustrations, our problems and anxieties, our hardships and our suffering.”               “Are those in power like you?” He asked.   “Are they burdened and beaten?”  And the people said they are not, they are rich.  They are respected and honored.”        Then He said, ” They have taken your share and theirs, and allowed you a pittance.   That is not just.  Claim your rights.”   And the people said, “When we claim our rights, they jail us, they defame us; they ostracize us.”   He bows his head and says nothing.  The People bow their heads and say nothing.   The planet turns slowly toward midnight and despair.                                                                                                                                              Now He speaks again.  “Do not despair,” He says.        Creativity is on our side.  Love is on our side.  Beauty is on our side.  Truth is on our side.  Miracles are on our side.  We cannot lose.  Look at the stars, they dispel the blackness of the night.  They, too,  are on our side.  Stand up and celebrate.”  A fire runs through the people.  They clench their fists and raise their arms. “We will fight,” they say.   “We will demand our rights,” they say.  “We will achieve justice,” they say, “For ourselves and for all men.”                                                               By Sireo Esteve, from “The Experience, a Celebration of Being.”   Random House 1974…                      P.S. I quote from the “Experience,” because he states what I feel so much more eloquently than I ever could…. Love to all, Alaska Man Speaks…


I thought this woman loved me;

And then I was rudely awakened, to the facts of Life on this Planet, like a slap in the face, for the love I have given her. Neal Young just plays along, my keys are wearing out, I need a new machine. The life and Love have gone out of this one. To where? I do not know, I just play along with this Music. It echoes in my ears. I do not have this band, nor the instruments to play along with, I only have words, and words are such shoddy things to play along with! ~~~~~God Bless Neal Young! and thank you for this Music! No More Thoughts here/now

This is all about falling in Love;

I fell in Love with my Planet, I fell in Love of this Earth. I fell in Love at just the thought of it. Every Breath I take is a Blessing in disguise, God Loves a “Thank YOU” Note, one addressed to Him. Gratitude for a life well lived, thank this Sun for shinning on YOU today, thank You! for the wind that carries the Butterfly along with it. Thank YOU for another day of Life! For the Sun’s shinning in my windows, my Sky-Light, Making Rain-Bows to shine on my walls, If, If, If, I only have Eyes to see with…… ~~~~~This is a LOVE SONG, I only hope it is sung all across the lands!

Oh! My Princess

I spent $3,000 bucks on a snow-blower, just to clear a path for you, my Love, I spent another $3,000 on a DR(TM) mower to cut the weeds down, to make your home more beauty-full. All the neighbors know just how much I loved on you. ~~~~~What the fuck is money? If I put it to work, it does good things for me, if I store it in my mattress it ain’t worth shit paper. If I put in in my local bank and buy CD’s I can donate the interest like forever money, even after I die, if I planned it all right, The CD’s last as long as that bank stays alive, and I just donate the Interest, to good causes like “Doctor’s Without Borders” I Love the way they do medicine! Set up a tent and call in on the good and bad, alike, make no judgments just heal the wounds. It takes a special Soul to dedicate his/her life to doing that, I admire that courage! ~~~~~I wish I could just walk around this planet and make all people well, and healthy, cure all diseases, throw out a tomorrow to live in, just to enjoy! My heart could just stop beating, just like that, dead and gone, what is my life worth? If I did not gift it all away?

Just write the first word;

Everything follows from that first step; just, justice, it all follows a pattern like the old Alaskan Women, sewing; sewing those beautiful clothes, those wonder feathers, weaving a web of beauty to take to the dance Oh! that Head-dress is to die for, those porcupine quails woven in so care-fully, and then the native drums begin to play, and the song they sing just goes on for-ever, handed down to the Children like rain blesses this land. Let us see if the Lady Kathy reads my blogs, still…..I wonder why I am cut out of my Lady Susan’s life, I am like anathema to you, why is this? What did I ever do but care and Love Your Mother? Go on ahead and ask her these questions, When did she have to haul in the wood and coal to keep that fire burning? How many times did she have to empty that 1/2 full shit-bucket, it was me, I did it all for her, just because I Loved Her. And now I have my reward for all that Love, I am anathema…..Thank You so much…..

Who Knows,

Where the cold creek flows? Where is the Water full? or the water’s fall into sleep or darkness Who is there to fill the crevice, the empty slot? I just bang on my drums, trying to get my left hand to play along in Harmony with my right hand, and it just like Magic happens and I play along into the Future, I just play along, no particular song, just play along with the beat, and the beat goes on and on and on. Playing along with this dark and lonely night…..

The whole show;

This is the Show I wanted to preform for You, if I had not been afraid to make an Ass of myself, I learned to play those twelve tongued drums to perfection, I just practiced and practiced, all alone, just for my-self. I went out and swam in the flood-waters just to prove to my-self that I could survive that ever rising water level….. ~~~~~That clever man cast a spell on you, selling you bottle after bottle of useless pills, at a great price, this mans name is Patrick C Huffman N.D. a scammer, a con-artist, a man not to be trusted at all. I do not know what trick he used, because I never thought to question the wisdom of your mother, and the choices she made for her-self. Who am I to judge, of all mans clotted clay, the dingiest clot? Who is there to Love you? Just a little bit of Poison in every expensive bottle, that is the way we do it here, we bleed out every last dollar, and then we cast You away, like so much dross, sheep to the slaughter……I will bet, you cannot even remember my name, and I am not going to remind you. I am just going to put on my walking shoes, and shake the dust off of my feet, and start out walking, I take my Drums, and my sticks with me, where-ever I go, I will find a “Welcome Home!” sign out there…..

A Winters worth of Wood just appeared in my drive-way

All it took was Money; to make it appear, to get me through this winter, this cold spell that Earth casts upon us. This man drives in with an ever bigger truck load, of birch and spruce logs that I can burn in my old rebuilt Rite-Way Stove, fifty years of faithful service that old stove, that I rebuilt, from scratch, with the help of a few Good Welders. They gave a gift to me, they did the job for free, and said:”Pass it on,brother” and so I did, Pass it ON; I just doubled all of my monthly donations to say “Thank You” for that wonderful gift. That “No Charge, Brother” that got to me, I was trying to figure out that good deed, why those men would trust in me, to carry out their will, and trust in me to change this world into a place where children never go to bed Hungry, Where house and home is a Sacred Place to stay, where stranger is not a “Dirty Word” but a welcome in…..Why, with the riches I have, I could build myself a brand new yacht, I could own my own air-plane with private pilots, on call to fly it to anyplace I can imagine….. ~~~~~And then you die, and try to enter Heaven, but the doors to entry are closed; “What did you do with all that wealth?” Did you feed my hungry children?, did you help that old lonely man out? That homeless old fart? Did you even spare one moment of your life, to just “Help-Out” There are No Yachts in Heaven, every-body enters naked and un-clothed;;;;;Fuck it all; I am just going to play for-ever on my many tongued drums……The End.