I am a new Poor Peoples Campaign Member…

Why have we allowed the Corporations and the rich to take over and pretty much rule the Planet?    Tell me friends,  where do the Wealthy find all that $$$$$?            Well, they pretty much gather it up from the regular everyday working Joe’s That is You and I my friends…      We must fill those empty Bellies,  we must have Clothes, new cars, computers, T.V.s a home to rest our weary heads in after a day spent waitressing, house keeping, running our selves ragged in one of good ole Amazons warehouses, where every moment of one’s working hours must be accounted for…Whilst earning perhaps seven or eight dollars an hour , as the Boss Man earns Ten Thousand or more for that same hour…Thus the modern form of slavery that from the time we’re infants we are brainwashed into believing that that is the way life is… Not many are able to free themselves from this conditioning,  How is one able to learn that life does not have to be this way,  when one is born into life of parents who were themselves unable to free themselves from the horrible cycle of poverty and ignorance…  The trap is carefully laid,  The rich have had centuries to design it, and the system is carefully protected from any interference by the likes of us… You  see, every man woman and child, would have to cooperate as ONE United Mind, to defeat this evil empire…  How do we show the Rulers who really has the power?    What do the rulers always need more of?    Money,  and since the money is produced only with our labor and our spending of our meager paychecks in their stores, their hospitals, the immense supply of goodies to buy,  provided by other slaves mostly in low wage countries, we must cut out the supply of Money…   this means:   Stock up on food, gas, medicine, and then for a week or a month, NOBODY shows up to work, NOBODY shops… When the flow of Money slows down     The rich will panic, threats will be made:  Back to Work or ELSE….The police will be thick on the streets, the Armies will be put on alert, But we must act as One Unified living force… We must be brave and say NO!        NO! NO! to slavery and humiliation…”It is better to die on your feet, than to live on your Knees.” Spanish Heroine in Spain’s civil war…Then we must learn that life works well when all men, women, and children live in Service to each other,  instead of slavery to the whims of those who believe only in profit, at the cost of poverty for the many and Riches for the few….                                                                                                                                 ……………………………..FOREWORD……………………………….                                                                                                                   “He said to the people, “Sing high.  Do not stifle the song in your heart.”   And the people said, “We are hungry, we sing low and sad.   He said to the people, ” Stand and demand.”   And the people said, “We are sick and we are tired.” He said to the people, “Know yourselves, there is glory in you.”  And the people said, “We know our burdens and frustrations, our problems and anxieties, our hardships and our suffering.”               “Are those in power like you?” He asked.   “Are they burdened and beaten?”  And the people said they are not, they are rich.  They are respected and honored.”        Then He said, ” They have taken your share and theirs, and allowed you a pittance.   That is not just.  Claim your rights.”   And the people said, “When we claim our rights, they jail us, they defame us; they ostracize us.”   He bows his head and says nothing.  The People bow their heads and say nothing.   The planet turns slowly toward midnight and despair.                                                                                                                                              Now He speaks again.  “Do not despair,” He says.        Creativity is on our side.  Love is on our side.  Beauty is on our side.  Truth is on our side.  Miracles are on our side.  We cannot lose.  Look at the stars, they dispel the blackness of the night.  They, too,  are on our side.  Stand up and celebrate.”  A fire runs through the people.  They clench their fists and raise their arms. “We will fight,” they say.   “We will demand our rights,” they say.  “We will achieve justice,” they say, “For ourselves and for all men.”                                                               By Sireo Esteve, from “The Experience, a Celebration of Being.”   Random House 1974…                      P.S. I quote from the “Experience,” because he states what I feel so much more eloquently than I ever could…. Love to all, Alaska Man Speaks…


So, I Remember YOU,

I have this little note-pad a gift from the Economist magazine, I write down the names of everyone I meet here on Word-Press and on the Medium site, just so as not to forget you and your thoughtful insight’s on my and other’s work…. Just the other day Mr. Louis H. Lapham sent me a personal note thanking me for recognizing his great catalog of Essay’s that speak to me forever of great Satire & Wit…. Speaking of great books to sit back and enjoy; Any of Mr. Louis H. Laphams collection of Essays: IE: The Wish for Kings, Imperial Masquerade, Money & Class in America, all well worth the price to pay……Another book I, personally made available by finding and purchasing over 40 copies of it was “The Experience A Celebration Of Being” By Sirio Esteve 1974 Random House…..And of Course “The River Why” by David James Duncan…….If one Loves to Read, one cannot go wrong here on this guide path. Why would I waste YOUR precious Time? I have read over 10 thousand books and these are my favorites…. ~~~~~

When I die;

I want to fuel that Sun, that gave me this Life, made it possible for me to have Air to breath, a whole life time to live and have my being! ~~~~~Once again, I want to Gift my Children a World full of Joy! ~~~~~And once, again, the army opened fire on the protesters, even tho they had a ligament beef! How will we live without the Gas to take Us to town? We will have to relearn how to Walk! I want a world that is Livable, not destroyed for an ounce of Gold, or a rare diamond…..All of those mine-sites are Craters on our Moon! Look upon those sites and see if they will feed our children……A Future……..All of time slips quickly into the Past……It is all History as quickly as it is lived…..I am trying to find a sense of Humor here, a laugh, a joke! There is nothing funny about Rape! I always gave my Lady Respect! ~~~~~

Nap, then Awake;

I shut myself OFF. From all news sources, Radio, Magazines, the T.V. Tube, 30 years gone, not even missed!…..It got to be the same old Drivel, over and over again, mind numbing; and then BUY, Buy, BUY, more useless crap to fill the empty spaces in your Mind! ~~~~~~Enter HERE; Wage-Debt-Slavery…….All gone, without a trace of Regret!..~~~~~Enter the Land of No-thing, the Land of No Regrets………..~~~~~It is like the Great full Dead just playing on and on into Forever Land, Jerry Garcia, My Hero! ~~~~~An Awakening! Just the other day my Neighbor, a Piano Player listened to me play my twelve tongued drum, and invited me over to Play with Him! He Played for Me a Concert of all the songs He Loved, I was in Seventh Heaven! ~~~~~Today: 11/16/2019 First Snow-fall! Now I can use my Sled, instead of my wheel-barrow to haul in the wood for my Fire-place! What is this All About? ~~~~~This is about leaving a livable Future for our Children!……………………………………~~~~~Get your asses out and re-plant a Forest, make sure to Plant many Fruit Trees, so our children can just reach up^ and grab an avocado, or an pear, an make a meal of it! Find a cure for selfishness! My neighbor, just brought over two cups of Soup, to tide me over in my time of Grief, at the loss of my Lady…..How nice was that? It is all in Time, and Time has no Memory!

Am I stuck here or what?

I do not have to live up^ to expectations….. I just write what I Think of in this Moment of time, all of the rest is already History, stored away in musty old books, a meal for worms……~~~~~Even this “Word” I write is already consigned to History, because by the time you read this TIME has Passed into History……No Evil Men are going to enter my Home, to Shut Me Up^……Because I always, always, just tell the Truth, (As I see It)……..~~~~~Maybe because I see GREED and the LUST for POWER & Profit, as an evil disease that must be Killed, as Malaria is a disease, used by this Earth as a population control……I wonder if my brothers ever recognize that each and every breath they take into their lungs is a Gift of the Great Creator? ~~~~~ I go to Surf on the Sun’s Wind, I will ride the wildest waves She can Produce, I am a Sun-Surfer, Since all of light travels at the Speed -of-Light no time has passed……. I am Free to Go!

Where is “IT” at ?

” 100 years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in; or the kind of car I drove, but this World may be different because I was important in the Life of a Child!” Forest E. Witcraft……What do I want? ~~~~~ I want my Children, (And All Children are My Children) to inherit Rain-Forest’s, Ocean’s filled to the Brim with Life!…….Harpoon a Whale! It is all a Sacrifice! That chicken you ate today?, It Sacrificed it’s Life for YOU! ~~~~~How many human beings thank the Sun for shinning for them, Today?……..~~~~~Hum, Hum, Hum! ~~~~~Click, click, click,is this not a wonderful instrument? I can write all of my thoughts down in an instant! Time is an Invention of cleaver minds, it is the way to slavery, the guide-book for how to get the dumb,non-thinking fucks to follow Me! ~~~~~ The first Rule is, to Consume, the more YOU buy, the richer I become!,,,,,,,,,,~~~~~Hum, Hum, Hum,! Just keep on clicking away your life on “Amazon Prime”, Oh! So many benefits! I can just say “Alexa” I want some-thing and There It Is! And Mr. Bezos now controls the Stock Markets, because He is worth $120+ Billion Dollars….. Just keep on, keep on gifting him your Money! Buy Now! Buy Now!, Shit you never, ever thought you needed is available NOW! On Amazon Prime! End of Diatribe…….

I just say, what it is I have to say;

I do not care if any Human Being responds, I have had my say here; If only one person responds, well, it was worth it. Words are easy to come by, it is the Feelings, that are hard to convey into another person’s mind….. ~~~~~I do not Think the Way You Think! ~~~~~I think of My Children, and what the Future holds for Them! ~~~~~We are “Here”; and then we are gone into Infinity, wherever that place is; for no-body has ever come back to chat about it….. ~~~~~I have been given many, many gifts; sometimes the gift is just to wake up^ breathing, and realize I have been Gifted another Day of Life! ~~~~~So I try to remember to step out-side and Thank the Sun for still Shinning! ~~~~~Some times I just haul in Wood for my fire-place, and remember to thank that Tree for it’s Sacrifice, that I will not freeze to death, because I have a Fire! ~~~~~Well, at least I remembered to Water my plants today, they were Thirsty! ~~~~~I do this watering, because on occasion those plants gift me with Flowers! ~~~~~I will, if I think about it plant them in the snow in February, along-side the road for the enjoyment of my Neighbors!, Amaryllis! ~~~~~Switch over….. ~~~~~There are no Hero’s in War, just Dead Men, one of whom might have Fathered a Daughter or Son, who may have invented “Faster than Light-Speed Travel, well we will never know now, he was killed by a road-side Bomb! Or an AK-47 Bullet!…… ~~~~~How Stupid is that, that we waste our time here on Earth, Killing One, and the “Other”? Is that not a form of Population Control? RSVP: Invited…..

Attempt at Poem!

So, Lady, if I asked You now this question: “What is LOVE?” Could you give to me an answer? ~~~~~Is it just a silly word, a word that has no meaning? ~~~~~Is it just the impression of our bodies on a mattress, soon changed with the sheets on the bed? ~~~~~Is it just a momentary desire, a loneliness shared for a moment? ~~~~~Or, could it be, could it be, what makes the Sun to Shine, the Trees and Flowers to grow?, Could it be what brought You to Me? ~~~~~So, if I ask you now this question; “What is LOVE?” Would You give to me an Answer?