Welcome to Alaska Man Speaks….

    I plan to discuss things that are on my little old mind, concerning making our planet more livable.   I take my inspiration from “The experience, a Celebration of Being”, by Sirio Esteve…Building the House of Mankind….         Being an old, well read mind I think I can speak freely and Honestly….Since I haven’t owned a T.V. set in 35 years I read instead.  I read a lot and attempt to stay objective about what I read…I, myself, find that about half of our population seems to thrive on  lies, deceit, greed and the lust for power…   This is very disappointing indeed…It’s  kind of like the wars going on now in Syria, Yemen…It is just fine to drop 500 or 1000 lb. bombs and all kinds of other evil weapons  and blow men, women, and children into tiny bits of flesh and bone,  but God Forbid!  Oh! how terrible they dared to use chemical weapons!   Hypocrites!  All of the weapons in use, use  chemicals.  What is Gunpowder?   What is White Phosphorus?   Let me say that the only happy people in war are the arms makers,  the more bullets are used the more they have to produce and sell for that Great God Profit….     Let the arms designers turn their talents to cleaning up the mess we have made of our one and only home planet…Enough for a first foray into the Blog Sphere…Praying for peace on Earth for all before I die…that is all….

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