Is it I?  Our  is it YOU? Why, Why, Why?  Are we, the People so easily fooled.   To support the Con-man in charge of our government?   He is out to Destroy America as the country we know  it to be…  If you do  not believe me., Look at the enemies he has created for us:   The Mexicans, The Muslims, And the Others, Oh! look out for the OTHERS:  They are not like us, They are not rich-white men, they are OTHER’S…Build another WALL…  Keep : Them Out..                                                                                                                                                                       Them is US!                                                                                                            It is We the People.   We will decide who the RULERS  are, whether or not they give a sh.. about Us peons is beyond the point… We are all about Our-self’s, and so who gives a Big-Fat Rat’s Ass, about the Small People?….

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