Let us find out what DECEPTION means in today’s world.  As I follow the world news I hear many stories of falsehoods and downright lies being told by it seems, practically every human alive. When I was a young man I got a good piece of advice from a friend of mine, who told me this: “Always tell the truth and you won’t have to remember anything.”  When one tells a lie, one has to always remember which lie he/she told, the more lies one tells, the greater one’s memory must be.  Some of us must have memories so clogged up with lies that they have trouble remembering their own name.

     Let me share an essay by a good friend of mine Sirio Esteve, from his book “The Experience, a Celebration of Being.” Random House 1974

Do you lie?……………………………………………………………………………………..No. I appear when men do not lie.  I am an experience.  Experiences do not lie.  Men lie about them deliberately or out of ignorance.  When I am in men, men are in each other.  I am a living thing, not an arrangement of words.  An arrangement of words falsely claiming to be Me cannot elicit the experience I am.

Agreed, Words lie. You are not words, even when you incite words.  However eyes can lie, smiles and laughter can lie, gestures can lie.  Nonetheless, agreed! You are not a glance, a smile or a gesture.  As experience You are total………………………………I reach from continent to continent.  I include isolated men living in jungle and polar regions.  Where a man is, I am, mostly unseen and un-received, because men shun the truth out of fear or ignorance.

Come sit cozily at my side and lie.  In my turn, I will lie to you.  In a lying world, to lie is right.  How will we understand ourselves if we do not understand our lying?  Lies, some big, some small, keep the world ticking.

You come along, I come along.  We meet.  You tell the truth and some lies.  I tell the truth and some lies.  We part, you go your way.  I go my way.  Tell us, sir, why do we lie?  Sometimes for the fun of it, but mostly to retain respect for ourselves.  Sometimes to hurt people.  Always we lie to gain a  wanted thing we would lose if we spoke truthfully.  Let you put me down?  I will not permit it.  So I lie.  Lose my possessions, my privileges, my superiority? Unthinkable!  I value the lie.  It fires my flesh, incites my lust.  By it, living things come to be good things, heartwarming things which banish the distress of truth.

Evidently you speak of an ocean of lies in which men bathe daily… And also of a sky of truth where men dream nightly.  Unless alloyed with truth, lies will not hold together.

In a civilization some men want to be smarter than others in everything, or at least in some specialty.  When two such meet, tremors shake the foundations of their houses.  To be smarter than all one’s acquaintances put together, one must be a clever liar.  So it comes to be that on earth, smart liars lead the truthful into make believe.

“It cannot be different,” says an apologist blandly.  Speak to him about poverty.  “It cannot be different,” he says, “Some must remain hungry.”  Speak to him about disease and injustice.  “It cannot be different,” he says, “It pertains to human nature.”  Speak to him about war.  “It cannot be different,” he says, “The Bible predicts it.”

Come again to dreams, once more endlessly.  The true dream relies upon experience and builds by it.  It is not a lie even when men lie about it.  It is existence speaking about wonders to come.  Believe in it.  Work for it.  It will not forsake you.

Existence has places to go beyond the place where it is.  You have places to go beyond the place where you are.  Oppose the nonexistence of your culture.  Expose it.  Expose the lies, the make believe, the idolatry, the buffoonery.  Do it in a simple way.  Do not conform.  Escape the noose by walking right on past the lies.  Mankind depends upon you!  Right on past the lies. The police will gang up on you.  The army will be called into action.  The courts will see that you receive “just” punishment.  But they will not destroy you.  The forces of existence uphold you.  What must be will be.  The House of Mankind will rise toward completion and drive all lies out of human existence……..

And that, my friends, is what it takes to end the deceptions we are suffering under at this moment in time…Do not buy the lies, think for yourself, you do not need to follow a leader, who will only lead you into the web of deception.  Take a good, deep look around and see who the “follower’s” have elected as their leaders around the world.  Petty Tyrants, wannabe Dictators, little tin gods.  Is that who you want to follow?  That way leads only to war’s and endless misery.  Be brave, and listen to John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

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