The Year 2019>What is it to Be?

Greetings fellow humans. A new year is upon us, a new year means a chance to do something different, Such as: End Wars, Make sure every human being that is hungry gets fed. Rid ourselves of all those Petty Power hungry Tyrants. Learn how to clean up and care for our one and only livable planet/spaceship. Learn how to live the simple life. Love and care for each other, no matter the race, color or language they speak. Learn the difference between Service VS Slavery. Maybe turn off the so-called ‘Smart Phones’, the Boob tube, get a good book or two and read them. Tell someone everyday that you Love and Care for them. Pay off your debts as fast as possible so you are free of Debt Slavery…Shop Local as much as possible. If we continue on our present path, we will leave no future for the children we profess to love, when we should be leaving them an improved world. It is up to you and I, we, we, we must be the ones to change this course of history. We can make a Heaven of it, or, a living Hell, which on our present path is where we are heading. A changed New Year for All!

One thought on “The Year 2019>What is it to Be?

  1. Hey Efi,thanks for reading and liking my post, I wish I had 1/2 of your talents! Just read an article by Sarah Souli,Journalist in Athens. Titled: Why is Greece such a hot spot for left wing terrorism? Do you follow her?


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