The Anythings I Would Do:

Get busy cleaning up the mess we have made of our one and only home: Earth. Step 1. Make the Oil, Gas, Chemical, and Mining industries hire at a decent wage millions of unemployed citizens of Earth and put them to work all over the planet and the Oceans equipped with the proper tools to make our planet livable again. Step 2. Stop all worldwide fishing, except for subsistence fishing, for at least ten years as the Oceans are 95% over-fished. Soon all that will show up on seafood menus will be “Jellyfish”… step 3. Make everything above the Arctic Circle and below the Antarctic Circle, off limits to Fishing, mining, Oil drilling, anything commercial at all. These areas are the most Sacred Areas on our planet! They are also the most sensitive to encroachment by humans. Step 4. Build the House of Mankind. Rid this planet of the weapons of War, and build ourselves a place of Peace to abide in and raise our children free of fear….. Step 5. Take the mega-billions of dollars spent on the pursuit of war and invest it in making sure every living thing on Earth has a place to live, clothes to wear, food to eat, and decent medical care. The example for Medical care is the Organization Doctor’s Without Borders Of MSF. I will publish more things that I would do in my next post. Would like Comments on this one, or else add your things to do…..

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