I call on Erato to make my words Sing for YOU….

I am awake now, I walk through the door my feet have shoes, socks, I take them off, throw them away, now I feel the real Earth, the Earth feels me. slowly, ever slowly I take root. My arms lift up to here, Here is the Sun, nothing but Explosion exuding Light, needing Shadow. Now I am branches, leaves embracing the explosion of love. The Sun is all sacrifice, a Sacred Sacrifice for Life to be Here, Now in this Place……….

My Roots expand, my roots embrace the whole Earth. My roots listen for the World to Speak. All around my roots, little murmurs, little cries. They whisper: “We are dying.” My roots ask “Why, Why are you dying?” Now the answer, with great sorrow comes to my roots, the World Self speaks…..

“Greed and it’s handmaiden Death stalk the surface, consuming everything that is. It is insatiable, a thing of no heart, no soul. Soon, too soon the Living Surface is turned to dust, a foul, evil wind stalks the land seeking ever to sate the endless hunger for more, ever more, but now there is no more, Greed has consumed even it’s self. There is an endless silence now, time passes, days, years, eons pass. Yet still the Sun shines with it’s Love, it mourns, but it goes on……

Earth, sleeps, sleeps and dreams it’s life dreams. A million, than a billion, now a trillion patient search’s…. This Death has happened many, many times in ages past and always Earth has slept away the sorrow, the loss of so much life must needs be assuaged and only time has the healing powers needed. The Sun knows no night, thus the sun is always newborn not even one Earth day old yet……

A million years pass, Ice covers Earth’s surface, another million years pass, then another and another, still the Sun shines out it unending Love, patient, ever patient, waiting for the dream to end, waiting for the object of it’s Love to awaken…..Slowly the Galaxy spins round and round bearing it’s many Suns, it is on an infinite journey,, on the way to Where?…..

The human race is gone, a memory in the mind of Mother Earth. She had given men the gift of self-awareness along with the gift of Free Will. But men abused these gifts, they failed to rise above their animal self, they failed to build The House of Mankind…..Some men tried, they made great music, created marvelous works of art, some had dreams of a future for their children, a world with no wars, a world of acceptance where all were equal and valued for their differences a world where what they saw was what actually was, a world without lies and deceits…..These men’s spirit lives on in Earths heart of hearts, thus they did not die in vain. The men of greed are just…..gone, they consumed themselves, for greed has no memory only appetite.

Now: Clouds cover the land, rain falls, nourishes the barren lands, There! A blade of grass. There! A worm. There! Creation, satisfying it’s love for it’s self. Now: A newness fills the Earth, a new experiment takes shape, the long dream is over. Now: All new life, not the same as the old, that experiment is over, done. The Sun beams on its newly awakened Lover……

I want this poem to not be real, I am a Lover of Life, whatever shape or form it takes, but we do not have much time left to write a happier poem. What is it to be? The House of Mankind, able to explore that portion of the Universe that is open to us, once we have come to ourselves. Or just The End? We, you and I, we must decide: Us or nothing, that is the choice before us…..

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