GREED and the LUST for POWER

This planet,called Earth, seems to be infected with a deadly disease called: GREED and the LUST for POWER. The humans infected appear to be blind to anything other than adoring the Almighty God the American Dollar. No matter how many American dollars they collect or amass it never seems to be enough, they will strive for ever more dollars no matter how old they get, even tho most humans max out at one-hundred years, they will be working on the next billion until their heart stops beating. They fail to realize that no matter how much they accumulate when they die none of it goes with them! ~~~~~Unfortunately for humanity, in amassing these fortunes they have to destroy their one and only livable planet, because their fortunes are gained by extraction of limited resources. Many people have tried to find a cure for this disease, but to date none has been found. Now the Lust for Power comes into play, anything that threatens their accumulation of dollars is met with a show of force, because having a fortune enables them to purchase armies, police, secret agents to protect them and their fortunes. Some people try to talk sense to them, but it appears that this disease also induces deafness.~~~~~These rich folk will never admit that this Earth is a finite planet, they think they can extract every drop of oil, every cubic foot of gas, every last ounces of gold, silver, copper, zinc, platinum, palladium, etc., and net every last fish out of the oceans, lakes and rivers, and of course the last dollar from the pockets of the poor.~~~~~ So how can those of us not infected with this disease save our planet and leave it for our children improved instead of destroyed? The closest solution I can come up with is we, the “Consumers” will have to stop consuming everything but the basic necessities of life—Food, Clothes, Shelter. The money the rich have comes from US, if us stop giving it to them, then their fortunes will eventually disappear. Simple living has a lot of benefits if one takes the time to look into it. If you stop accumulating debt, especially credit card debt, you will not have to work so hard for slave wages in shitty unrewarding jobs. This results in having more free time for yourself. Do you really need that 60 inch TV? Do you have to have that $50,000 dollar new car? Can you remember how to wash dishes in the sink? Hang your hand washed clothes out on a clothes line?~~~~~Think about these things for awhile, if you are at all interested in a future for life on Earth, because this is the only way to make it possible, and it will take ALL of us to accomplish the cure for that deadly, infectious disease: GREED and the LUST for POWER…..That is all~~~~~

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