A Fifth on the Fourth!

The Great Game.

Happy Fourth of July! Celebrate the “Declaration of Independence.”, The United States Constitution, and , of course, all the amendments…”The Bill of Rights” All written of course, by Rich, old empowered White Men. They owned Slaves, yet insisted that “All Men are Created Equal” So hypocrites from the beginning…..Then they decided that only “Property Owners Could be Empowered to Vote.” So onward to today, 07/04/2019, Who rules this world? I fear it is not “We, the People.” This is the biggest lie of all, that the People Rule, as if they had a choice in rulers! The Ruling Party today is led by the Military/Industrial Complex. If you have the least sense of hearing and awareness you know that the drums of war are beating loudly. You cannot sell new missiles and bombs, if the damn military is not using them up. ~~~~~The Military constantly lusts for new War Toys, why not indulge the “Good Ole Boys”. New Aircraft Carriers (Which, by the way are great targets for anti-ship missiles), 6,500 men gone to graveyards, everyone of them…..Oh! We need, in the worst way, a new Stealth Bomber, only $1 billion each. Congress and the President (Oligarch, Tyrant, Dictator) Have bestowed $750 Billion Smackers on them, this while at least forty million Americans have no idea where their next meal is coming from, our infrastructure is collapsing on itself, who cares as long as the Wall Street crew keeps those worthless stocks rising?…..~~~~~I am the greatest thing, since God Created Man—-So Saith our Commander in Cheap. Parade the Tanks, fly the Planes, It’s not I who is paying for the Show! Oh! how glorious is WAR!…..Well, maybe my bud, missing two arms and two legs would beg to differ on the Glories of WAR. Hard to argue when one has to call for ask for help with the toilet paper to wipe his ass for him. I will believe in War when those calling for it are out in front leading on the initial assault…..Of course, they never are, they are sitting in comfy armchairs with a fresh drink to hand, cheering on the Cannon Fodder, Nowadays on the 60 inch Telly…..Shock and Awe! Maybe, we should all have a Fifth on the Fourth…..

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