“Your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for Itself.” Kahil Gibran; The Prophet. How many people take the time out of their busy lives to stop and admire the artwork of the Great Spirit? It is all around and in us all. Here in Alaska the fire-weed put on a wonderful show, miles and miles of beautiful red/pink blossoms. Earlier this year it was the Lupine with their purple blossoms, even though we are in a drought period the Spruce trees are laden with new cones, promising forests to come in the future…… ~~~~~Now the long days of light are nearing the end, and the Stars are making their selves known, in our long nights here one can watch the great dance take place. I fear that those big city dwellers have mostly forgotten that the stars exist. Because they live in fear of the darkness they keep all the lights on, so bright they can be seen from space. And to keep those lights on they must generate power in Terra-watts, thus poisoning the very air we need to breath, and the future of life here on our one and only livable planet….. ~~~~~Creation made up a fantastic universe, but there was no one to appreciate it save itself, so it decided to create Humans,and give them Awareness, along with Free Will, so if they happened to use that Awareness to admire Creation in all of it’s infinite forms, it would not be the Creators doing, it would arise from Free Will, so a choice is made; do we take out the time to admire the Great Spirits work, or do we become selfish and egotistic, thinking only of ourselves, our comfort, our riches? ~~~~~Have you ever considered how every least thing is designed to perfectly serve it’s purpose? Every blade of grass has a place it belongs, the soil to sustain it, the wind and rain to sustain it until it can go to seed, and thus assured of a future it can die and return to the earth. So also, the Salmon return to their birth rivers, lay their eggs, and before they die send off a little prayer that man, in his blindness and greed will not destroy or poison their river, and so allow their future selves to survive and begin the journey anew….. ~~~~~When the World Speaks, the people would be wise to listen. The World speaks not in words, but in actions. Men refuse to put limits on their population, because to do so would limit the availability of cheap, slave wage, labor, and cannon fodder to fight their wars, therefore Nature must do it for him. Mosquito’s bring Malaria and other diseases, which eliminate millions of people every year. Every time man thinks he has found a cure, Nature outwits him. The chemical corporations spend billions trying to make pesticides, and herbicides, which work for a few years, and once again Nature outwits him, the weeds become immune to them. It is far past time that we quit treating Nature as the Enemy, and return to living Natural Law. In service to Nature we live, in service to Greed, we die….. ~~~~~That wonderful, brave little lady from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, took time to speak to the British Parliament, She said: “The World is on Fire, are you listening?” Of course she was wasting her breath, they listened, it was a great lark for them, in one ear and out the other. Had they really, really listened, they would have immediately begun to take action, because action is what Ms. Thunberg was demanding from them. “We do not want more Words, we are asking for Action, now, while there is still a chance to turn our path around, and make this planet livable for our future!” It is so sad to watch the wisdom of children fall on deaf ears….. ~~~~~People seem to be at a loss for what is the right action to take in order to guarantee a future for our children, and the rest of life on Earth…..Here is what I would recommend: Stop—–Giving—–The Masters of Greed—–Your Money! Spending yourselves into debt hell is what gives them their power…..When you owe huge debt, you have lost your freedom. You must find jobs, regardless of how much or how little they pay. Then they will use you up, and cast you out, and for what? A new T.V., the latest electronic toy, a $3,000. purse? New everything? Wake up! Learn how to walk again, and walk away from the lies and the propaganda. Learn once again how to think for yourself, and stop to admire Creation a bit…..”When the power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, we will have Peace.” Source Unknown…..

One thought on “CREATION

  1. Several have made that quote, or something extremely similar, Including Jimi Hendrix, Mahatma Ghandi and the UK Prime Minister in the 19th century Sir William Ellery Gladstone.

    I believe Gladstone is the first to have any record made of him saying it but it might not have been his original saying? 🙂

    Thanks for the post.


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