I still find Magic in this World.

I wonder, have most people here on Earth given up on Magical things? I would venture a guess that magic is all around us, if we only stopped for a moment now and then to realize how magical this whole idea of a life giving Sun, making all this varied life possible here on this little speck of Cosmic dust, is……And then making this small rock spin at exactly the right speed to give us half dark and half light, winds, rain, oceans, lakes, rivers, creeks. And a moon for a nightlight, as well as the perfect distance from us to make the tides work. Tell me this is not Magic! Step outside this evening, watch the Sunset, (If it is not too cloudy) and then look Out, not up, and watch those millions of other magical Suns appear in the night sky, pick one out and try to imagine if that Sun, also has a planet circling it full of Life. Perhaps it is not so far away as you think. If only the human race would get it’s act together and learn how to exist here in harmony, perhaps there is a portion of the Universe open to us to visit, that is if we are not bearing Small-pox blankets and guns and Nuclear bombs…… ~~~~~Here is magic at work for me. Some long years ago I lived in L.A. and became unemployed, what the heck, I decided to get a back pack, and stick out my thumb to head to any where I could get to. I did this for two years, I never waited more than five minutes for a ride, even if there was another 100 people standing there with their thumbs out, I got the ride. I was only picked up by the nicest people anyone would care to meet, I got taken out for dinners, I got invited into peoples home for a shower and a good nights rest, and a great meal. One night I was dropped at a deserted crossroad in New Mexico, no traffic in sight, storm clouds approaching, I was about to set up my tent when a car came along and picked me up, I was not in the car five minutes when a state trooper pulled the guy over, arrested him, and told me, that he had seen the guy pick me up, so I was free to go. (This in the middle of nowhere.) About five minutes later, another car pulled over for me.. The driver said he had just graduated medical school and had to be in Phoenix in the morning so I could just talk to him and keep him awake so he could make it on time. When we got to Phoenix he bought me breakfast, and we parted ways. ~~~~~Another time, I was in Tao’s N.M. and someone told me to go to Rio Hondo, and find a path there down to the Rio Grande River, now this path was about five miles all downhill. At the bottom I found this magical Hot Springs inside of an old stagecoach stop, man what a treat! It was right next to the river, perfect temp., and I laid there and watched the Hawks soaring above the river. Later I pitched my tent up in the woods and about midnight I saw all of these little lights flickering all around me, it was not fireflies! It was like they were little fairies dancing in these magical woods! ~~~~~Now for a recent bit of magic, that reaffirmed my faith in Man:Kind. I had to rebuild my 50 year old Riteway stove, for about the third time, as the metal melts away and the fire bricks crumble into dust. I usually do this myself, but I am getting a bit crippled up so I took the old metal into town and located a welding shop run by a guy named Mike and his son Tom. They said sure they could do it, and I asked them to make two of each piece so the next time it burns out I can just fix it right away. Now this involved quite a few pieces of metal, a smoke door, liners to hold the fire bricks, etc. They had it done in a week, I figured it was at least a 4-5 hundred dollar job, so I loaded the parts into the truck and asked son Tom, “How much?” And he said to me oh! no charge man, just pass it along. I have never had this kind on generosity handed to me before. I think flabbergasted is the correct word here. Needless to say I will pass it along quadrupled…..So this is my little story about magic still being all about us if we but stop to look for it…..And my fellow humans, please work at being good neighbors!

10 thoughts on “I still find Magic in this World.

  1. Absolutely loved this post. I have a lot of the same thoughts and often find myself in total awe over the smallest things. Stuff I used to ignore when I had way too much stuff going on.
    It sounds like you have an amazing magical guardian angel. 💕

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    1. Ms. Harring, you are also an inspiration, with your knack for finding the ‘little’ neat things for your photography and your own enjoyment, How much fun it was to be a child in a swing in a magical place here on Earth, I only hope that we will all work to ensure our children have a beautiful, life filled, world waiting for them, instead of a trashed planet…..Regards!

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    2. I like to think of having a Garden Angel, from the book, The River Why?, by David James Duncan, this is the best Love/growing up book I have ever read, I have bought and given away at least 40 copies of it to my reading friends. It is especially enjoyable read aloud with someone you Love! Safe travels!

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      1. Hey, Susanne, are you still on-board here? Was that not a great love story, I love where he got all tongue twisted when he spotted this fantasy woman fishing with a twig and she tosses it away so the fish will wear itself out towing that twig, and then goes to pick up that fish and Eat it! I would marry that woman myself!

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      2. Haha.. that does sound awesome. I haven’t gotten much into it yet. So much work right now. The stuff necessary to keep the adventures going 😐 but today was fun work at least.


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