Friday Sept. 20, 2019, International Student Strike For A Livable Planet, Adults Invited. Set up by Ms. Greta Thunberg.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has a web site that will list the sites of protest, help you set up one of your own, and provide signs, etc. There is NO Excuse for us to not do this for the future of our children, whom we claim to LOVE so much. I am 73, and I have my signs made up, wrote letters to the editor to ask people to join me. Like Ms. Thunberg said to the English Parliament: “The World is on Fire, are you listening?”~~~~~Ad Busters is asking for A Billion People, YOU can make it One Billion + one. The time for Words is over, we must take action now! Turn off the damn boob tube, the dumb phone, make up a sign and Participate!

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