March for the Climate 09/20/2019…..

Well, our brave children did a fine job, and put on a great world-wide show. I can just imagine the Capitalist greed-heads shaking in their boots. Actually how many people reading this think that anything at all is going to change because of this great march? I predict it will just continue to be business as usual. “Those pesky kids ought to be in school, what’s the matter with their parents?” (Greed-head/Politicians) Once $$$$$ enters a mans head, there is no cure, there must always be More, More, More…..~~~~~I also predict that if those children’s protests get too strong the “Masters of the Universe” will be quick to send in some agitators to cause enough violence that they can unleash the Power of the Law on those ‘terrorists’. That’s the way is always happens (See Hong Kong) I really admire their spunk, in fact, I made a few signs of my own and marched along. Alas, the sickness of Greed, Lust for Power and Profit has no known cure. I wish it did, but it has followed us all through our known history. Good try Children!

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