I think my Time is Running Out on Me…..

Could you just really hear the last piece of music, I, Played for YOU?????,,,, My clock is running out of time, although, I do not know how this can happen to a man traveling at the speed of light; supposedly time stops there, according to Mr. Bob Berman at Astronomy Magazine. So how than can we see the light that is 30 or 40 or 50 trillion years if time has stopped at the speed of light, than time has never passed, and we see the stars as if they are present in our Galaxy. Here, today, that is all we can know, as time moves on swiftly, and we can never catch up to it. So this is my music, I play for you, I have not figured out how to live-stream video on my lap-top, so maybe YOU could just play along with me….. I am having a great time here, this old man, just playing along with the music of the day, these kids—–What wonderful Music they make: Walking in the streets, to ask for a LIVABLE Future, is that too much to ask of your parents and grand-parents????? I, myself, would like to leave behind me, a future full of flowers and grass, blowing in the wind, The waves created by the wind, continue on forever, washing up ashore, what-ever she takes a mind to do;;;;; So dead birds, seals, Whales, and their food: Krill, washing up on-shore, this does not worry you????? How can YOU justify this death????? These live’s lost matter to me, I care about these losses; I wish you, also would care, and maybe, just maybe, get in touch with me: HOW TO SAVE OUR PLANET. I just now created this site:~~~~~Go to Planet SAVE NOW!!!

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