What do old men do with their spare time?????

This is what I do, I sit here on this computer, trying to establish a close connection, with anyone who should care to listen. Tonite I played my $600.00 Drum, I tried to play it along with the MUSIC of Ms. Jo Dee Messina, what a musician SHE is, I could play with her all night long, her music is that great, and so easy to tune into and just listen, listen, to the sheer pleasure of her music. I’ll send you a song, my new LOVE, here it is: “So lady if you could only tell me of LOVE, what would, that be????? Is it just the Impression of our Bodies upon the mattress, soon changed, like the sheets on our beds???Is it just some short four letter word, a word which has no meaning????? ~~~~~this is the only way I can figure out how to make the “Paragraph” feature work for me….. I am playing my harmonica while I write this POEM, and my drums also, love to play. The only song I sing here is the lonely sound of LOVE: I sing that SONG out to YOU, who have ears to hear, mine are pretty much gone, my hearing ability, But I am lucky because I can still hear the sound of GREAT MUSIC; so I sit here, alone at home and SING along with you, I would hope that you could listen in and see how I am doing, at playing along with your Magical MUSIC. Back to the POEM “Or could it be what brought you to me???? Could it be the thing that makes the flowers, and the grass to grow. That thing inside us that makes the Sun want to glow, to give US life to live, to watch our children grow into adult-hood, to live a good life, this is what LIFE is for, to be as good and as generous as you can, and thank the God’s above for this chance to live a fruitful life…~~~~~So what is LOVE? Is it just a four letter word? A word that has no meaning?????

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