The Starving Time…..

I wonder if the City of Huston, Texas has yet learned that when the WORLD SPEAKS, the people would be wise to listen. Two times a flood has come and gone, the next time it could be forty days and forty nights, Perhaps they ought to get that ARK they built in Mississippi, or where-ever it is the Christians built it. But you will have to question what animals you are going to save, If you only put one of each, one Male and One Female, what happens if they happen Not to like each other????? ~~~~~ Your children are begging for a future, yet their plea’s go unanswered, since that would interfere with Profit making. I was listening to a BBC Radio program on the Rich and the Poor, and basically what I heard was this: “It is O.K. to have gobbled up all the money for ourselves, We need the poor people out there to feel rich, How else to tip the scales in our favor?~~~~~We need more poor people, so you women get busy and pump out those babies for us, it is important to have a pool of Cheap Labor available to us. Plus we have to spend $700. Billion dollars on new bombs, rather than find homes for the homeless…..The United States of Poverty…..I am listening to “Counter-spin on That gal, Jeanine Jackson, is the best radio voice, ever!” I am on a Hunger-Strike, right now, starving myself to death, to protest this inequality, my black and brown brothers are being “Cleansed” or dis-appeared, just because of their skin color, yet a white man will own a black dog, and love it to death, and a black man will get a white dog for company, and also Love it to death…..~~~~~The water levels will continue to rise, and the rich will continue building their homes on “Water front’s” because if the sea-level rises, the tax-payer will bail me out. Until the money runs out, but then, but then, the Federal Reserve will just print up more $100. dollar bills, until $100. dollars equals $1.00 when compared to 1965 dollars. So there you have it. The money is not worth shit, what matters here is your intent, weather or not to guarantee a future for our children, or cast them into darkness…..

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