5E6, this is a clue, look at your Digital clock in a Mirror, or Much Ado about Nothing!!!!!

So, our very brave children, all around this world spoke up for themselves and their Non-Future, on Friday September 20 2019. Did any-body listen? I have not heard a word from BP or Exxon Mobile, or Shell Oil, on their plans to cease drilling for oil, and instead, investing their billions of Profit’s into wind generators, Solar Panels, Tidal generators. All that wonderful energy these, our children, displayed has been met with SILENCE. So the way I see it, these kids are going to have to adopt the Capitalist motto of 24/7, and basically live on the streets, carrying those beautiful, home-made signs, and above all: Refusing to BUY anything, maybe if the $Money stops flowing into the coffers you will begin to command some attention….. ~~~~~Because otherwise the only thing that will survive into the future will be the GOLD, ripped out of this Earth, at such great cost, and then made into bars and stored behind giant steel doors, deep under-ground. Basically, a meal for worms, if one can find worms that will be happy to ingest Gold Bars. Look at the photo’s available on Mono-snap’s site of the people working at destroying whole forest’s in order to extract a few flakes of Gold, and receiving pennies on the dollar for it. This world is awash in Gold, but, because people tend to hoard it, it is all hidden away, Go to the U.S.A. Debt Clock and look up Gold Demand and Supply, millions of ounces produced, by crushing One Ton of Ore to produce 1/6th ounce of Gold…..And all those tons of ore are poisoned forever more. How stupid we are to even allow this to happen, I mean, like the last trip of a robot to Mars found, guess what? More rocks, there are no beautiful mountains, forests, waterfalls on Mars, and unless you can tolerate 800 degree temp’s Venus is not a “Welcome Home” sign. So maybe, after this diatribe we will start taking Action, on those things our children are asking for, like a livable planet. It can be repaired, but it will take all of us, working Together, to make it happen…..

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