Here is a Strange Story:

I just lost this Woman, I spent the last 30 Years of my life, trying my best to show her how much I loved her, No task was too big, I took it all on, I taught my-self how to milk her goats, how to make cheese that she could sell, to pay for their hay, I learned how to raise a couple of Pigs, how to call them, so they would come to their own slaughter, when I called on them; I made the water run again, when it froze up in the pipes in Winter’s Cold, I paid for the wood to keep the fire going, so we would not freeze to death….. ~~~~~I did all these things, and more, I kept three vehicles in running shape, spent some of my time packing wheel bearings, checking the air in the tires, checking the oil levels, I just spent two weeks of my life, and the good will of some of my neighbors, who are Welders, to make our 50 year old wood-stove safe to make another fire in, for this Winter. This woman I loved, took sick, got pneumonia, I begged her to go to the hospital, but she did not listen to me, It finally took our good neighbors to come over and insist that she goes to the hospital, to save her life….. ~~~~~And then, and then, one of Her daughters showed up, and all of a sudden, I have no idea why, I became an Enemy, I was not allowed to speak to Her anymore, this was a Woman I would have gladly sacrificed my own life for. This is no lie, I would pay my last penny just so that she would be well, and then, and then, when She was released from the local hospital, I came home to find the State Troopers waiting outside my home of thirty years with an Ex Parte domestic violence protective order for twenty days….. Like, what was I going to do? Beat this woman I loved for thirty years of my life up to prevent Her from leaving our home, for better care else-where, decided upon by her oldest daughter????? ~~~~~Man, talk about a broken heart, this is what they left me with, a daughter I had never met in person, I did make an effort, every year, to send them a Christmas Card with a check inside to spend on their children, one time, I even received a ‘Thank You note’ Three daughters, one son, and all received a card and gift from me, Year, after Year I did this faith-fully. Some of them even thought to thank me, by sending a note telling me what they had spent the money on, that was all the thanks I needed….. And now, and now She is gone, evaporated, like she was never a part of me; Thirty years gone: “Like the wind, you come up, Like the Sun you go, That’s the song the Raven sings, it is the only song He knows.” Honor to Jerry Garcia, of the Grateful Dead…..

One thought on “Here is a Strange Story:

  1. Hey! Friends out there, I need a new drum to play, I beat the last one I had to Death, I called the Drum Seller, name of Eddie ‘Wood’ for a replacement, but I have not heard from him; is there any one out there who will share a drum with me, or at least come and Play with me?????


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