How Low Can One Go, When You Suffer From a Broken Heart?

Yes, I am suffering, my heart is truly broken, but I do not want some-one to cry my eyes out on, because It wound up being a Broken Heart I can Live with, I said “Good bye my Love, I only wish the best for You, I only wish Good Health for You, even tho your so-called ‘Loving’ Daughter has placed you in the Greedy Hands of the Medical/Industrial complex, where they will extract every penny you saved up over all our years together….. ~~~~~They, will, in all probability come after me also, when your Money runs out, even tho you never deigned to Marry me, your most favorite word to me was: “NO, NO, NO, You cannot do this, So for almost 30 years of sharing our life together the blame, I guess was on Me! That we do not have a New Roof on our Old House, I wanted Tin, so I would not have to climb up there and shovel it off when four feet of Snow has fallen on it, But, your answer to that was NO! So now the roof leaks water inside. I spent so many hours and dollars designing a new sky-light, I cut every piece of wood, after measuring every thing twice, Got it ready to install, all I needed was a Yes!, A go-ahead, get it done, The word was: NO! ~~~~~Tell me, Babe, what a Woman most needs when She falls Ill? Is it not a Man, there to Love her, and hold Her Hand? I, the lowest fly-speck on the shit out there in the Out-house, I built, also with great care, and built also an inside toilet, still working after thirty years, because I built it out of Wood, so your butt did not freeze when You sat on it. All I had to do was carry out the bucket, and dump it every three days, So, I hauled your shit out every three days, I never, ever, asked You to haul out Your Own Shit. And the thanks I got for that; The State Troopers, sitting there when I arrived home, after trying to visit you in the Hospital, with some kind of strange piece of Paper to read to me….. ~~~~~I did not get angry, I just accepted it, some reward for Faith Fullness, I guess, although I cannot fathom just what it was I did to deserve it, I only always Loved You. ~~~~~ So, yes, You broke my Heart, You left me behind, and so I will not be there to hold your hand, that old Man, who spent the last Thirty Years of His Life, Loving on You….. So long, my Lady! I think I Loved You as well as any Man could Love a Woman.

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