To my faithful writer and reader Rowan Bircumshaw,

I tried to send You an E-mail to thank you for taking a precious moment out of your life to read what I had to say, but it was too complicated so I am writing here on this Blog site to say “Thank You.” I am taking precious moments out of my life, hoping to communicate with my fellow Earth-men & Women, and the wonderful Children, who cared enough to get out and Lead the Parade for a Livable future, I feel there is still a Slim-Possibility of that happening, If we could find the courage to shut off the Light’s at night, and save Un-Godly amounts of Generated Power. I guess Mr. Rowan, I am trying to write a book here, about the future that awaits our children, if only, we take the Right Steps, to create a Livable Future for them, I can see this story now, It is all about the Long Run in the quest for survival. ~~~~~ This computer has gone nuts, I have a million windows to look into, all there with just a Click, and mostly it results in nothing done, nothing has changed, we still exploit our limited Resources, until they are all gone, and then, and then, Our Children are left, with NOTHING. So thank you for caring enough to read my words, Mr. Bircumshaw

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