I Wonder about this place, called:Word Press………………

I am aware of all the people I have learned to love on here, Like Caitlin Johnstone, wendyedavis, and Sharee. You people are all great in my book, And ladies, I read a lot. I have read 12 or 13 of Louis H. Lapham’s Essays, or collections of them, Like “The Wish For Kings.”Who could not fall in love with that book? And so, I was drawn into the “Imperial Masquerade”, and onward to “Money And Class In America”, Not to mention Mr. Kurt Vonnegut, “The Sirens of Titan” comes to mind. If they are still among the living, I will sometimes write them a letter with pen and ink, just to tell them how much I enjoyed their books, for, I think, what is a writer without a reader? Boy, I wish I could figure out how this Paragraph thing worked. I am using these things to indicate a paragraph~~~~~. So I hope that is useful to some one out there who cannot figure the system out…….Let us see if Doctors of the Borders are awake and ready for me.

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