I had a thousand words to speak, but no-one was interested enough to Listen, so I went to Sleep instead…..

The above is this whole Story….

6 thoughts on “I had a thousand words to speak, but no-one was interested enough to Listen, so I went to Sleep instead…..

  1. Fuck you,you old fuck, what makes you think that any-one gives a fuck, for what you have to say Maybe just die you old piece of shit. The fly-speck on the bucket of shit, you faithfully carried out and emptied every three days, it counted up to NOTHING!


  2. Is there anyone out There—listening to what I have to Say? Do my words have no meaning? Am I just whistling to the wind here?. …What worth are these words, if no-one is there to Listen?….I am having a last ciguratte, and then I am going to sleep, and wake up to start this world all over again and then what?


  3. The old blues: Aint’t nobody knows about them old time blues, cause ain’t no one alive who can remember those old blues, It took me a long time just to get the gist of it, but now, now I can play the blues on my Harmonica, or the drums, here I am awaiting my friend Eddie Wood, to show up and gift me another drum to play, So I can play two drums side to side, and make them both sing, I keep extra sticks, so any one can show up to play on them, with me the old drummer Man……


  4. Hi George. I am still listening and reading. Can’t say so much for the writing. I have an ever growing pile of sheets with musings. What can I say to your sad news, stay strong my friend from afar.
    Wishing you all the best.
    Regards Rowan.


    1. Hey Rowan, I have been trying to find a way to re-connect with You, this seems to be the right place to do it, Since my Woman left me, I am all fucked up, I still do not know what it is I did wrong, did I not love her enough? I am sitting here trying to find Solace through drink and playing on my Eddie Wood “Tongue” drum, and my old Marine Band Harmonica, Write me back,Bro., Encourage me too stay on my feet, I died and went to Heaven, only to find it was a lot like the place I just Left, except this place had no Wars, No Weapons, I gave every penny I saved up to feed my hungry people, because no Man, Woman, or Child, should ever have to go to bed Hungry, Not on My Planet, anyway…..


    2. Hey Bro, don’t worry about me, I hung this Crystal outside on a little spinning hand crafted thing, and now I have rain-bows circling all through my house. That makes me really Happy, such a simple task to accomplish, It is getting cold now, and since I declined to light a fire in my totally re-built stove, I have to put on a Hat and Gloves, I wonder if Gloves will make it harder to write a note to You…..


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