Running a little Slow Here in this Now Time;

I click on readers, and find like 6.5 billion people missing from my site, What do I have to write to get them to Pay Attention? THIS WORLD IS ON FIRE, PLEASE CALL IN THE FIREMAN…..Something like that, just to command your attention. I, basically follow every writer here on Word Press, I read Ms. Johnstone’s every word, I even print out her better letters, to peruse again later…..And yet I wonder why she has never been bothered to visit my site?, Since I am writing for this World to stay alive, for Human beings, to take just a little bit better care of their only home, I guess that subject is not so important. ~~~~~I get a lot of ‘Anti” this and “Anti” that, I read and comment on Umair Haque on his Medium site, he basically say’s it like it is, but it is sad reading the Truth my friends. So maybe we turn on the T.V. to watch a show, to take us away from all of that reality being pushed so rudely into our over-stuffed faces. Mean-while THIS EARTH IS STILL ON FIRE!!!. Here is what I, personally, am doing about that. I re-built my 50 year old Rite-Way stove, the welders made the parts I needed for FREE, what part of the WORD SERVICE is not understandable here? ~~~~~ And now I do not make afire in it, I just put on more clothes, until it gets down to freezing temp’s and then I will only build a small FIRE in my stove, to keep the water flowing from my Spring. We humans are very adaptable, we had to be this way, since we were not gifted with FUR, we come into this place naked, how did we survive? ~~~~~Our mother’s said;” Suck on this Tit, and take care of me when I get to that Old Age, Like planning ahead, like saving up money for retirement.” All that money you saved, will not Buy You another day, when Life decides it is over…..You nor I can BUY our way into heaven, it is not a place you go to, It is a place that is Here and Now, It is a function of Creation, of Life’s longing for it’s self…..When I asked this Earth for water, I asked humbly for it, and Earth gave me Water, my Spring began to flow again; and so here is where we are at, A point in time’s flow, where if we are smart, we will listen to our Children’s plea’s to please gift them with a better world to live in. That is all they are asking for, it is not too much, Just, please do not set Our World On FIRE!

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