Survey Monkey……

I just “Down-loaded” the latest what-ever from Micro-soft, computers I like this feature from Word-Press, Like $44.99 a year to sit here and spew my thoughts out into the wide-world of this wonderful “Internet” I do not even know what day this is, I am so drunk, and some-times “Stoned” My big plan is to hire a Taxi-cab to haul my drunk ass into town, and seek out this wonderful gal, who paid cash for my last bottle’s of wine and Vodka. Well, I am old and she was young, do I stand a chance of finding new Love? Here? I only know that if I do not set out on this quest, loneliness will kill me. ~~~~~So I will call that Taxi-cab, and I will go and sit in the Bar of Loneliness, and wait for Her to show up, no matter how long it takes. All I want is for Her lips to touch mine, and I want Her arms around me, in a hug that last’s forever. Is that too much to Ask?….. ~~~~~Here is a note to Caitlin Johnstone, my latest favorite writer;;;; “Here is the answer to all of our problems: Let this Earth decide who is worthy of Life or not, as the case may be, as for me, I found out that the more I Gave, the more I Got in return, It was like a big giant shovel at work, full time, I would write out a check to my local food Pantry, and work would be done for me, No Charge. I go to my local book-store, and buy books that I will not live long enough to read. I do this, because I can go there and buy beautiful cards, Local made, most of them, to send out to people I love with maybe a check inside, to help them live better, or build a home for a war-wounded man/woman…..Some people try to take advantage of my generosity, I write them a check, in all good faith, expecting nothing, in return, and I ask them, along with my check, to Please Not sell My name, and they do it anyway…..So this is a great way to turn off my flow of donations…..I know they have sold my name, by the increase in my mail-box, of people I have never heard of asking me for money. I only give to causes I think are worthy of my Love. I do not want one child on MY PLANET going to Bed Hungry, just because I failed to send a few extra bucks I had in my pocket, to prevent this from Happening…..This is my song for today, “The more you give, the More You Got to give, it is like a Harmony put out by My soul” I send this check out to this world, : Be like MSF, and treat every least one of us as equals. I am leaving them Money in my will, because they do good work, they take in the sick and the poor, and they heal them, and they do not send them home with a huge Bill, hanging on their backs….. ~~~~~ This is my description of Harmony, for what is is worth….

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