Here, I wanted to write a letter to my Editor’s, but I doubt they would publish it. It’s all about Gold and Gold Mining…..

Here is how the Gold Works, First, we learn to Hoard it in our coffers, this creates a shortage, which drives the Price Up, and the higher the prices goes, the more incentive we have to Hoard it. And the more incentive to get those Miner’s out there. I will bet not 2% of Humans are aware of what this ‘Mining” Involves: These days, since all of the easily found Gold is gone, the mining companies have to crush into dust, and poison it to extract ONE TON of ORE to extract ONE SIXTH of an OUNCE of GOLD….. ~~~~~Yet, last year China purchased 25 ton’s of Gold…..What did they do with it? Why, they stashed it in Their Vaults, which drove the price even higher. So Gold, which was un-economical to extract at $1,200.00 an ounce becomes, suddenly Profitable…. ~~~~~So here comes “Job’s” A few, since all the work is done by Machines, like 16,000 HP Machines only need a few Operators, a few to operate those 10,000 pound Bucket Loaders, to dump their loads into those 16,000 Horse Power grinding machines which will grind the ore into dust, which can be laced with cyanide, and Mercury to extract that 1/6th ounce of gold This is a Sin against Nature, at least, this is how I feel about it….. ~~~~~The World is Awash in Gold, yet a few people, Gov’ts HOARD it all for them-selves. Last year Gold Demand/Supply was 159,328,572 Ounces. Now put that figure into tons of ore mined to extract those 159 million ounces and you may begin to see the cost to the planet of this Stupid Greed. Forest’s disappear, land turns to Mud-Slides, people spend their lives trying to extract another precious Ounce! Tell me friends, what do we actually need it For? I, do not need any Gold, nor do most of you, why do we allow this to go ON?….I would like YOUR thoughts on this subject…..

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