HOW could I tell YOU—

That from the first moment I saw Your Face, I fell in Love with YOU, I wanted to stop all wars, all, the lies, all the false-hoods, I wanted YOU to live For-ever, if only I could do those things, I would have Your Love, for-ever, I fell in Love with YOU, yet, I could not tell you that, because of current moral standards, which encourage Greed and the Lust for Power, above All else, so I guess, this Love is Lost. It was not for lack of wanting, I thought we could represent the Best of Love. So, maybe YOU will never know, just how much I loved YOU. All I really wanted was for you too hold me in YOUR Arms, and tell me that you, also, Loved me, Is that too much to ask? I had to let you go, because it was impossible, for YOU to Love Me, in this Day and Age. So; I play my Drums with longing, hoping, beyond Hope, that You will re-appear, the longing of my Heart, to love to listen to me play, along with YOU……A Song, for all the Lonely People Out There…….

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