Such Beauty-full Music WE have to Play;

I have just begun to Play my great new drum, I am playing along with KBBI Radio Alaska, but it is sure a LOT of DRUM MUSIC, great program, that is why I send them MONEY, to keep them on the AIR, so I can continue to PLAY ALONG with the MUSIC, Like about $100.00 keeps me playing along for MONTHS! Is this a Great Place to LIVE or What? Dare to tell me I am Wrong, I am writing this, instead of playing my drums, cause it is the same thing as music, sending out words instead of musical notes, Here, I am still playing along with the music, if one has the Ears to Hear! Here is the Bass Drummer, sending me a message: “Are you still going to play along with the same old Shit, or are you going to dare to do some-thing Different?” Now here is a Song, I can play too. Cast out that same OLD Shit, and play Grand Orchestra, Where We can All Play Together. Let Us Build “The House of Mankind” The End…..Or a new Beginning? ~~~~~So here I am, just playing for myself, I have three One-Hundred Thousand Dollar bills saved up to pay my national debt with, they were issued by that Evil Fuck Woodrow Wilson, who thought that most humans were destined to be Factory Slaves, and the Cream of the Crop were out there to Rule Them. And so it goes, a lot of the same -old-same-old LIES. I hope my readers do NOT BUY this SHIT!; Now I am just playing along with the music I hear, and, I, unfortunately, am Deaf, so a Bass note, here and there, is all I hear, but if, You are playing along with me, You hear every note I am Playing, I am turning Musical Notes into words, into words that YOU can listen too. I am beyond the LYING stage, so TRUTH is my Motive here…..Am I full of Shit or What?

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