It is all like in the Sacrifice, the Sacrifice the Sun makes, burning Itself all up, to make life possible; Here, on Earth

Now that is my description of Love, it is all Sacrifice, The Mother gives Her Body Up, to create a New Child; She has high hopes for it, that child, born to life’s longing for itself (Kahil Gibran) The Prophet,,,,,,Today I was cold, but the Sun was shinning on, Sacrificing itself, and I said: “Hey Babe, how’s about a little Heat?” And She answered my prayer, just like that, all I had to do was ask this question: “Do You still Love Me?” And just like that, my prayer was answered! I went out-side and that Sun shinned on my back and warmed me all up, and She warmed my drums also, and made them to sound better….. ~~~~~I choose not to rail on this site against ass-holes and despots; I figure they are All, going to Hell, so, should I stand in the way of that? That attention would make my words here, have No Meaning…. I pray for more than that!…..

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