So, after all these years,

We, maybe started to take our good Mother Earth for granted; and we forgot to thank Her for the water, the Spring that She so faithfully had kept flowing, all these many years, in a little pipe in a barrel, down to our house, so she dried up, and refused to fill our cups with precious water. No more “Free Bath Water” No more water to fill our empty cups…..So what did I do? I went up to the source of or Water, and I prayed that we were indeed “Grateful” for the many years of water Mother Nature had so generously provided, and then, and then, I drove an Iron Stake into Her heart, just to show Her, that I loved Her, and once,again, the water, began to Flow. It Just Goes to show, that once in awhile one has to show gratitude, for all the blessings that one has received, from Mother Earth, and once in awhile one has to drive an Iron Stake, into Her Heart, to show that YOU are; listening…..Now, I miss my swallows, those wonderful tiny birds, that used to nest here, how I enjoyed their wonderful flight’s of fancy, how their baby chicks would learn how to fly, how they would grab up a goose feather, and fly it way on up high, and drop it, and then swoop in to catch it, and then, drop it, for the other baby’s to catch it, like learn how to fly so perfectly in such a short time; to make that long journey down South, to survive another winter, and then return in the Spring-Time, to build a new nest, to start the cycle of Life, all over again, How can we justify destroying our planet for such a stupid thing as “Profit” and deny our-selves such living beauty?????…..I ask myself; where, where are all my Swallows? And the only answer I get; is lost to blind greed, the quest for Profit, over Life’s longing for it’s self. Shame, Shame, Shame; on us…..

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