Down for the Count,

Hey friends, here I am, laying out on the carpet, I have been dealt a Knock-Out blow, and I am trying to climb back on my feet, and get back in the ring; and fight another round, I found myself to proud to just ask for help, Yet a friend walked in my door, and just saw exactly what I needed done, and did it, no questions asked…..It made my tiny little brain wonder what magic is this? I thought that Magic had left our greedy little world behind, but when I went to fix my old Rite-Way stove, these welders appeared, and took on the job of making the parts I needed, “Two of everything, I said, make two copies, one that I can use right now, and one to stash away for the future, like five years from now, when I have to do it all over again.” When I went to pick up those parts, and pay a fair price, they said; “NO Charge!” they said to “Pass it on, Brother.” So I took their advice and doubled my monthly donations, and even added in a few new ones…… ~~~~~I was sitting here in my little cave, trying how to learn how to cry again, I found it so hard just to shed a tear for myself, to cry out loud, for that is how a Real Man does not cry…..I hit the bottom of the ring, I grabbed onto the ropes, and did my best to crawl up and stand on my own two feet, ready for another Round or two. Now winter is setting in, I have no wood stacked up to burn, my lady always took care of that, I just paid for it to happen, that was magic to me, I just had to get my wheel-barrow, or my sled, depending on the Weather, and haul it in, and my lady would insist on lighting the fire…..So, I just let it happen all around me…..So now she is gone away from me, and I am sitting here, I got a fire ready to go, lit with a match, yet it is 50 degrees in my house, I put on extra clothes, like a bear grows new fur, to prepare itself for Winter in October’s house. (I hope you all like my story, so far), So I do not light the fire, I made a pot of vegetables, and cooked up one of those poor old mass-slaughtered chickens, and as I ate it I remembered to thank it for it’s Sacrifice of it’s life, that I might live another day, thanks to it….. ~~~~~I am still on the ropes, but there is hope yet, that I will get back on my feet, with a little help from my brothers and sisters out there…..Oh, did I tell you that I just spent $800.00 hard earned dollars on a new twelve-tongued drum, which my friend who sells them, personally delivered, to my house, he helped me up off those ropes and set me on my feet, and I began to play that brand new drum, with ten pairs of extra sticks, in case any-body should stop in to play with me, (I now have seven drums) could always use an extra player…..I even have an old Marine Band Harmonica, I pull out and play along with YOU-Tube Music, Great deal there I just like, click my magic wand, and there is a life-time of music to choose from; if this is not Magic, what is it then? ~~~~~I want to take a time-out here to thank all those Net-Wizards, who made this magic possible: THANK YOU ALL! ending this story until the next time I feel I have some-thing worth saying. If you noticed I did not DIS any-body here…..My home is full of beauty-full plants, which I try to remember to water, because they Grace my home, and give me Joy, and send me flowers on occasion, just to show that they Love me, and hope I notice those wonderful Flowers, what a magical gift, I have been given, I hope I will not throw it all AWAY; that I will climb up those ropes and get back in the ring for yet another Round on my own TWO FEET…..Chicken Soup for my Soul, and your’s; I hope…..

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