I wrote the story of “CREATION” here on this wonderful “Blog” site, and only one person actually read it, my friend; Rowan Bircumshaw, from England…..It

makes me feel that I am wasting my precious time here, I would like to engage in a discussion of my writing, or the matters to hand, I do not want to discuss politics, or religion, to me these are the dust-bins of ancient history and there is no place for them in this present moment…..I just want to talk about how, how, how, we can insure a future for our so-called, “Beloved Children” If we really “Loved” our children, why would we not Listen! to them? Here is the young, beauty-full Greta Thunberg, speaking OUT for a FUTURE, why is that plea so hard to HEAR? I found myself DEAF, and suddenly it seemed the whole world went DEAF, as if we could not hear or LISTEN, to what OUR CHILDREN were saying to us…..Sorry, but I have to SHOUT it out, because I think it is Important for us to learn how to pay some ATTENTION, to the cries of OUR CHILDREN…..Well, I hope I am not wasting precious time here; I thought this was an IMPORTANT subject to want to communicate about….. ~~~~~So, if I am wasting my time on this site, please, feel free to let me know, and I will go away from here and never come back. OK?

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