Just learn how to be STRONG, and the evil fucks will be defeated::::

Here we all are out here with our signs signaling “Peace” and here come the cops, to put us down, just for wanting peace on this good, good, Earth! What, what, what will it take to kill those evil monsters? Perhaps it is as simple as refusing to light a fire in your fire-place, perhaps one suddenly wakes up^ and realizes that a home at 50 degrees, is like having air-conditioning for free? How about that, think of a hot, hot, really Hot DAY, like a 110 degree day? Man, does not that fifty degrees sound just wonderful? Hey, Hey, Hey, I hope you all like the little stories I tell on this site, you do not, you do not, need a fire if you are not freezing to death, Save some energy, fart in a bottle, and burn that gas, maybe later, when you really need it!!!!! Just my advice, for what it is worth…..^^^^^

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