Speaking Truth to POWER,

I just woke up from this bad, bad dream I was having. I was dreaming that all those financial publications, IE: Economist, Bloomberg, Fortune, magazines were trying to convince us that we could just happily go on For-ever burning those Fossil Fuels up^, as long as that money keeps flowing into Wall Street, and the stocks climb ever up.^ News for YOU rich guys; on a dead, burned out Planet, there is no longer a use for all that Gold in the vaults. No one is left to buy useless crap, so it is all scrap laying by the way-side Your Yachts and private Jets, are laying there rusting into nothingness……………. ~~~~~Tell me, rich Men/Women, how much of that Gold can you carry into your grave with you? If you think Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank is going to be waiting there to welcome you into heaven, where as word has it, the streets are “Paved with Gold” You just continue LYING to yourselves. I may be old, and poor, but I can still Read the Writing on those Walls. TIME holds sway on this planet, and everything we think we have is predetermined to return to dust, as all things must. ~~~~~Even the “Great Wall of China” is slowly turning to dust as TIME will have its say…..Do not believe me, just continue on your way, stocking up^ useless, inert Gold Bars, so cruelly ripped from our Home, Here on Earth, and reburied deep below the ground of Wall Street Banks, So much Love lost, at such a great Cost. ~~~~~You are so lucky, If I was God, which I am of a matter of course, Not! I would just inter all of you down there with your Gold Bars so you could play with them for-ever, passing them back and forth as happens NOW…..Or maybe I will ask the Great Spirit, in the Sky to turn its life-giving light off, for two or three days, and turn us all into Ice Cubes. It could happen, just like that, a snap of the fingers, and it is all over for Now! ~~~~~How many people, I wonder, remember to Thank our Sun for shinning faithfully each and every day of our petty little lives? How many of the thousands of fishermen/women thank those fish that fill their nets with the sacrifice of their lives? Stand up^ and be counted, I want to meet you, the people who care to express gratitude. For all that life has gifted us. I seek those people out, I listen to my children crying out for a livable Future, so I quit lighting a fire to keep me warm, my home is 50 degrees, I wear warm clothes, I have this wonderful mattress cover, made of the finest wool on Earth, I use it as the best blanket ever made, that I have found on this planet. I even had a felt cover made for it. My body temp is 98.6 degrees, this blanket maintains that temp, as long as I snuggle up under it. So, So, I humbly ask my Mother Earth, to keep my home at 50 degrees, so I do not need to build a fire, for now the Sun is still shinning, heating the logs my house is built of, out-side temps 30 degrees, inside 50 degrees, it works like magic, maybe I can survive this whole Winter without spending a single penny for wood to burn up^ in my fire-place. ~~~~~Or maybe not, maybe I myself will just sit here and freeze to death in my ignorance and stupidity. Who out there can tell me what the Future’s Market will bring, fame and fortune? Or abject Poverty? Who can promise me that the Sun will even shine tomorrow? I have to leave you all now, because I have to seek out a wood man, to come and build a pile of wood, in case Earth decides to give us a really Cold Day…..

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