Whoo Whee, let us go to Town Hall, where we will discuss this important matter, and

Try to wake our-selves UP from this bad dream. I cannot believe my fellow Human Beans could be so stupid, as to pay to put “Listening Devices” inside their homes…..OH! such wonderful toys they are! They are not Malign Devices, that listen to every word, record your every movement, listen in on every whisper……The “Thought Police” who are THEY? I will name, names here, and if they are afraid of me, THEY will shut me down, like right now, because THEY are evil little bastards, Like AMAZON’s(TM) Echo….. Oh! Glory, what a wonderful thing to have PAID FOR, with your own stupid money, your hard earned dollars…… Boy, OH Boy! I wonder about my own self, calling on Human Beings, and asking them how they could be so STUPID, as to allow (AND PAY FOR) this invasion of their Privacy……Hey! OUT THERE, are YOU listening to what I have to say Here/Now? ~~~~~Well, YOUR ECHO device is sitting there, quietly listening for that magic word: “REBELLION”……Take all those wonderful “New Devices” out of YOUR Homes, and SMASH them to pieces with your old “Louisville Slugger” base-ball bats. That is the solution to all of this SPY GAME. YOU do NOT Want to play this CON GAME any-more! I am so sure that no-body will read and heed my warnings that I will just feel FREE to PUBLISH my warning here on Word Press {TM} . Is this not a wonderful thing to have, this tiny little computer, and this old man holding all of this POWER in his old man hands. I will bet here/now that with so little effort, I could call in the FORCES of LAW on YOU, dear friends, because you asked for it to happen….HERE, sign on the little dotted line, and go ahead and install THAT RING Device into YOUR HOMES….. ~~~~~And be sure to hook into your local POLICE STATION, so if any-one at home has a BAD, BAD, thought, you can be sure the THOUGHT POLICE, will be right there, to thump,thump, that BAD, BAD HUMAN into submission!!!!! ~~~~~HEY! AMAZON ECHO {TM} are you listening to what I am saying here? I am a REBEL of one old man, against YOU, YOU FUCKING MONSTER, with all of your MONEY, your mega billions of $$$$$, you cannot hurt me, because I do not deign to play along with YOUR GAME SHOW…….PS…I SHOP LOCAL, I pay FULL PRICE at my local fucking book-store, just to avoid that fucking monster at my door…..It is worth every penny extra I pay, just to DEFEAT YOU! OH! Who is that? Knock, Knock, Knocking on my door? THE THOUGHT POLICE are here/now beating on my head, to convince me to RECANT this vital message I wish for it to be translated into 12 or more TONGUES and sent out into this whole WORLD, LOUD and CLEAR, make no mistake, I am serious, as serious as I could Ever Be. Get out those old base-ball bats and set about the work of taking your privacy back. There is much pleasure to be found in pounding that evil genie back into the swamp she/he arouse from….. AM I wasting my time here? ARE you listening up, do you hear the cries of your children? They are at last calling out for their FREEDOM, from slavery to desire: Hey! Mom, leave that crap on the shelf in that store, and spend those bucks on ME, YOUR Child, who thinks a future is worth more to me than any toy bought in that EVIL MAN’S STORE. That is all I have to say on this matter, I will turn my mind now into other, better thoughts……

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