I have a Living Tree, burning itself to ashes, all for me, just for me;

If one cannot appreciate that title, then you do not know what life is all about. I feel sorry for you. You missed the starting Gun (Pink Floyd; Dark side of the Moon), so I just go and play on my drums, and try to heat this place in time UP^, Maybe I can 50 degrees move on up^ to 56 degrees? Just by moving my ass over there and beating on those drums? Are you following me here in times foot-steps? ~~~~~So here I am again, like that bag of trash you just tossed out your car-window like I was just your old trash bag woman, Not a planet that gave to you love and live upon; just a trash bag, carelessly tossed, just a place that is Loved, then Lost,,,(Neal Young) this is a New Song, dedicated to YOU, thank You for all those wonderful years of Music, and musicians….. ~~~~~I was going to write something MEAN on this site, and then I forgot about it, and let it dissolve itself into the old men’s History…….I think, I think the Last Words Jesus Spoke were: “Forgive them!” So; if one decides to Spam Me, I will just ignore that show, and eventually it will just fade away……. ~~~~~New though here, man I was looking at my Finger Prints, which I am sure the FBI has safely stowed away. I am a criminal, I dared to live my own life, to have my own thoughts, so put me in prison man, that is a place one cannot get away from, So I just sit Down and wait, for time to pass; waiting for an eviction notice, to get me out of this prison, I have cast myself inside of…..I never, ever, touched that woman, in a spark of anger, or disgust, I just always treated her like I wanted to be treated Myself; with mutual respect and Love; above All! End of Message……Here/Now

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