Here, here is a gift for any people who love to read?

Volume XII, number 4, of Lapham’s Quarterly Fall 2019……This, I think, is Mr. Louis H. Lapham’s greatest Essay yet. The subject is “Climate”. I own every issue of this wonderful magazine, from the very first one, way back when, my favorite Author left his job at Harper’s…..On the last page of this issue is a photo of a Walmart shopper, sweating, dropping bottled water into his over-flowing cart. If this is not a photo of life in America, I do not know what it is except for maybe photo’s of our glorious war-planes dropping bombs on the un-suspecting populations down below the bomb-sites and guidance parameters……A job for Robot’s we do not need people anymore, they have become superflourious (New Word) Puny humans; swept into the dust-bins of History……Boy; my bottom line here is this: Take Courage; this also shall pass, maybe in 5 million years or so. This Sun comes up^ and then goes down again, and It is so cold now I can view every breath I take, I must shut this machine down, and crawl under my wonderful Pure Wool Blanket just to survive another night of this October cold, or get my ass up^ and build another fire out of cardboard and imagination…..This woman, I am thinking of she, loved me all up^ and then she let me down, so now I am trying to stay up^ some-where in her head and remember to order in that Wood for my fire-place……

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