Freak’s Me Out;

Man, this is like a weird, strange planet; like it is out of my Orbit, has my space-ship gone awry? How did I arrive Here/Now? Well, my old, drunk dad, who treated my mother like a piece of shit, got her pregnant, again, and out came a Son! And then the father was gone; just like “That” like a snap of the fingers. And then, Mom got lonely, and she took another Bastard in, and this one always kept the window curtains closed, maybe, because, someone was coming after him, I never knew the end of that story, because I left that “Home” behind me, and I never, until Now-looked back. But now, even now, I loved and admired my Mother, for all the crap she had to put up^ with, just to insure that her children would outlive her! ~~~~~She scrubbed office floors and emptied waste-baskets every night, one of the “Lowly, under-paid workers”, but she made it possible for me to be here and write about these events, even now, at the ripe age of 74. My Mom, what a great Gal! ~~~~~What am I going to talk about now? These thoughts are zipping through my head at like a trillion-zillion times a second. How can I capture that and even begin to make sense of it? Well, I slow my-self down, Like Way Down, I wish I had an arrow for down, computer designers? Could my next computer, please have a DOWN ARROW, included in the final design? Much appreciated!!!!! Fuck it, I am just going to go and play my drums for me, for myself to enjoy!

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