I am Burning Up^

It is so cold, I have no wood for my fire, so I have taken to burning up^ old newspapers, old magazines, even old books, just to keep me warm. What is worth more, my not freezing to death, or old words printed on paper? I weighed it on the balance scale, and my life was worth more that old history words. Now we have “Computers” to store it all away on, until the Power runs out, at least…..What Happens, when it just fails to happen? Good Question? What do we do when those little magical screens fail to “Light Up^” ????? Do we kill one and the other, to find an active battery? ~~~~~Hey! I have a great idea! Let’s spend another $Trillion bucks to invent another nuclear bomb, that can destroy our so-called civilization twenty x times over, instead of the ten we currently have……Is this a great idea or what? What are tax-payers for? If not to fund the Military/Industrial Complex? ~~~~~This is a sad, sad world, my friends and brothers, and sisters, where men are wielding AK-47’s and M-16’s in place of hoes, and plows to reap a harvest of life, instead of a field of sorrow. I find, in my heart of hearts, a place that is not My World, I must depart this place, and go back home, where all of my friends are True friends, and no-body ever lies to me, or would dare to tell me a False-hood, because I can listen to them and know if they are telling me the truth or not, as the case may be.So, I hope to think that I have many Friends, and few. if any, enemies. I pray this ends on a Hope-full Note, to you, my friends, in this strange, strange land……

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