I do not care if one living soul reads these words, or not; as is their Wont;

They always talk about; “Money” how much? What is it worth? How much “Profit” will we make?…..They call the living, breathing, brothers of ours; “Biomass” , Just there to be harvested at out whim. I wonder how many human beings know just how life works? In my experience it seems to be all about making a sacrifice, A mosquito is grabbed up by a Swallow, and fed to it’s children, so how many mosquito’s are there for the Swallows to eat, normally there would be many millions of them, but now they are almost all gone, thanks to pesticides. So once the Mosquito is gone, so is the Swallow; gone….. ~~~~~Last year, as I mowed my lawn, I noticed the absence of pesky bugs, I hardly got a single bite, and I did not have to spay myself down with DEET’TM’, Wow!, makes me wonder…..Like what if we find a cure for malaria? All those extra mouth’s to feed. Can we do it? Do we even have a Plan? What do you want to keep all those mouths alive for? To feed YOUR GREED? More consumers= More Profit. Is that right? Am I seeing it correctly? Kill all the Mosquitos, increase the Profit! More little .10 cents an hour “Consumers” ……Someday, somebody will read this and realize I was just telling the TRUTH, as I saw it. DONE!

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