I never could have dreamed this up^

I never could have imagined the beauty full forest, that would take shape before my very eyes, with nothing, to do with me, except leaving things alone. I asked my Lady: “Where do YOU want them Planted?” I never got an answer to my question. So the trees and shrubs, gave up^ on us, and just took root, where they sat; which was where it was at; The Perfect Home. Not to brag, but this is a new place to go to, it is what your real true dreams are made of, “Heaven, Johnathon, Livingstone Seagull, is not a place you go to, It is all around you, one just has to look, and find it all all surrounding’s; in every nook and cranny. If you could imagine, even a Dream of being alive! What a miracle; to come into this World naked; and go out the same way you came in……. ~~~~~Just do not give in to temptation, just say no! to all of it, just be your own best person….. ~~~~~Do not pay any attention, I am just playing along, these type-writer keys, become Notes on my twelve-tongued drum. To be played into for-ever…….

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