I was just wondering?

Let us just say, I wandered the street of anywhere “Earth” today, handing out $100.00 bills, would people’s lives be any better? Could I pull them out of “Poverty” with a $25.00 loan at 19 or 25 % interest? . What is my Motive here? Mostly, it is GREED, I think, I am only interested in the interest they pay. On a $25.00 loan we can collect humongous amounts of “Interest” The suckers will die before they even begin to pay off the interest on the loan. Those “Low-Interest Loans” are just another scam to fleece the poor. Do not fall for it, you are better off starving to death, rather than get caught in the trap of :Low-Interest_Loans. I found out it would take me, like, forever to pay off those loans, I would die, and still have not even made the Interest Payments! Oh fuck, she died; let us go and steal from some other old fucks. Easy pickin’s Bro; or where do we go from here? ~~~~~More AK 47’s or hey Brother, can we just sit down, and share a Beer? If, If, we could just sit down together, and share a beer, it would be like music, always playing in our ears, and we would come to love peace, we are brothers, we care to share a simple beer together. How hard is that to do? Must we make it :complicated?. It does not have to be, this endless war, this endless strife; all it takes is for men to find, the friend and not the enemy. Once we find that, our children’s future is assured!

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