P.S.’ I am smoking really GOOD POT here, It is legal now; GOD BLESSED Us, and we should find a way to say: “Thank You for all the Blessings we have received”…..

Like, hey! Brothers & Sisters, and Mom’s and Pop’s let us count our blessings, if we are alive, we have Free Air to breath, That Sun’s Shine, don’t send us no bill. And that water, just flows down over that hill behind us. Giving Thanks, goes a long way, towards a better World. I know, I found that reasoning to be True, every time I gave “Thanks,” it just came back to me magnified like ten-thousand fold. If, I , remembered to give “Thank’s” to that beauty-full Sun for shinning, I hoped, that, I was not the only one, to stop, and give his thanks, for the Sun; for shinning on Us for another day……~~~~~ It is like the twelve-tongued drum song, I just played, it was for every-body, every-where on this whole Planet! I have enough extra “Sticks” for every-one to play along with, that is the Nature of the Game Here; like , every-body, play along; tap your feet, slap your pant’s leg, you can’t go wrong, by trying to play along. Baby, that is the song I am singing, here on this {AM Radio,Fox video, Tweet, Twit, instant, one instant, where can one put one’s Attention? Here/Now, or in yesterday’s old newspapers? It is all, all, all; History. This moment, Here/Now, gone forever, as if it never even happened. ~~~~~are you, my friends, putting this All Together? Or am I just wasting my time here, A meal for worms, sole epitaph?

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