Strange notes are flowing through my sky.

Where are they all coming from? These strange guitar notes? Am I supposed to play along with them? I have many tongued-drums, can I keep the beat on them? Should I just Play-Along, or take off on a different path into the sky above me? What is the worth of an old, old, man beating on his drums, silently; waiting for a gift to fall from the sky above him? He has, above all, to remain Friends with his-self, for if, you lost that friend, it is all over, the Heart will stop beating, stop, singing it’s song…..I Love all of my Brothers, my Sisters, My Children,above all! This is what the Musicians are saying to me; Just Play along, do not make waves! I, ignore this wise advice, I listen instead to My Children, calling out for Rain in a drought, Calling out for shelter from that storm; forty inches in less than an hour! Good Music to write along with, that is just what the Doctor ordered up^ for me….. I may be all alone,but I am following his prescription, Never give UP^. Keep on watering those flowers, there is a reward in doing that, you are gifted with Flowers……Good Advice!

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