The Silver Tongued Devil;

Here it comes, whispering in you ear::BUY that newest trinket, produced from cheap, slave labor, transfer that money$$from your account to Our’s, hey friends, that is what keeps this Merry-Go-Round, going around in endless circles. How do we stop it? Maybe, we just say NO! No more lies, no more bullshit. Slam the doors shut, put up^ the storm shelter, and just say, NO! Like a Big No to bottled water, the biggest scam ever invented, in the house of Greed! I watched my neighbor’s pilling those bottles into their cart, paying at the check-out counter, through their nose, for nothing, nothing at all…..It was Free to the makers of this dream, this scam, makes you to not trust free and pure water, given from this Earth, as a Gift to it’s people….. ~~~~~Greed makes my brothers and sisters so stupid, they will fork over their hard – earned Money, for plastic bottles of water, which Planet Earth provides for Free. Go figure that one out! Thank You, Mother Earth, for that good, good Spring Water! ~~~~~Just remember to give thank’s where thank’s are due…..!

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