What does it take? To get the old, rich white men’s attention?

To gather up their fortunes and use them to turn this old, used, planet back into the Paradise it was when we first found this place to live upon, to give a Future for our children that they are standing out there crying aloud for? What will it take? Shall I send them the storm of all storms? To wash it all away, as if it never was, in the first place? I can do this, if this is what it will take, to get you all to Pay Attention! How much of your Good Fortune can you carry with yourself, when you should fall into your Grave? ~~~~~I only want to find the cure for this deadly disease called GREED, and it’s friends, the Lust for Power, and above all Profit!…..Those Precious children have caught this old, deaf, mans ears, if I can hear them, why cannot you? What is a “Future” with no so-called; “Resources” to draw upon, because our parents used them all up^ in the pursuit of Greed? Shame, Shame, Shame on You all, You build up^ the walls of money, and then, and then, you forget about the rest of us, out here toiling away to help you build that Fortune. It is like we do not even count, in the weighing and the measures, we are as nothing, in the counting House. If only ONE CHILD, goes to bed without a meal, One Child, I call you all Guilty, of Greed, beyond repair…… ~~~~~What does it profit a man, to gain this whole world, and then to lose his Soul to have it all? Hell is a lonely, lonely, place my friends; I know I have been there, in Hell, and there is no-one to talk to, no-one to share your thoughts with, no reason for even ‘Being’ a desolate place to find one’s self in. It took a Fast of Forty Days, and Forty Nights, I had to go back, back, in time, to like the 60’s when people were out there dancing in the streets, singing out loud :NO MORE WAR! and sticking flowers in the barrels of guns……To finally find myself, back home again…….NOT ONE CHILD, NOT ONE CHILD to go to bed HUNGRY, Not on MY PLANET……Imagine, a world where then is no war, no need for war, the people are just happy to be alive and breathing that free air, dancing in that Free Sun’s shine. That is the World I want to hand down to my Children…..

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