A Winters worth of Wood just appeared in my drive-way

All it took was Money; to make it appear, to get me through this winter, this cold spell that Earth casts upon us. This man drives in with an ever bigger truck load, of birch and spruce logs that I can burn in my old rebuilt Rite-Way Stove, fifty years of faithful service that old stove, that I rebuilt, from scratch, with the help of a few Good Welders. They gave a gift to me, they did the job for free, and said:”Pass it on,brother” and so I did, Pass it ON; I just doubled all of my monthly donations to say “Thank You” for that wonderful gift. That “No Charge, Brother” that got to me, I was trying to figure out that good deed, why those men would trust in me, to carry out their will, and trust in me to change this world into a place where children never go to bed Hungry, Where house and home is a Sacred Place to stay, where stranger is not a “Dirty Word” but a welcome in…..Why, with the riches I have, I could build myself a brand new yacht, I could own my own air-plane with private pilots, on call to fly it to anyplace I can imagine….. ~~~~~And then you die, and try to enter Heaven, but the doors to entry are closed; “What did you do with all that wealth?” Did you feed my hungry children?, did you help that old lonely man out? That homeless old fart? Did you even spare one moment of your life, to just “Help-Out” There are No Yachts in Heaven, every-body enters naked and un-clothed;;;;;Fuck it all; I am just going to play for-ever on my many tongued drums……The End.

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