I give up^, reading that old tired newspaper

It is the same old, same old shit, over and over again, Why, I would rather play my drums, than listen to or read that drivel. They are a lot more fun. I bought extra sticks, just in case any-one would care to drop in and play along with me. (Has not happened yet) yet I have high hopes, for the future, maybe some-body driving by will hear that Beat, and stop in to play with me. I can only imagine at the wonder of Music? How do those bands come together, how do they find each other? Deep Mystery to Me///// ~~~~~Can any-one out here tell me how the “Grateful Dead” came into being? Did it just happen that four or five men got together and made that Music Flow? I want to know how I can find a band to play along with me? I do not know that secret sauce, that thing that draws musicians together, to play as ONE! ONE SPIRIT, ONE SOUL. How does that happen? I hope this was a good question to ask, I hope I get an answer…..

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