The whole show;

This is the Show I wanted to preform for You, if I had not been afraid to make an Ass of myself, I learned to play those twelve tongued drums to perfection, I just practiced and practiced, all alone, just for my-self. I went out and swam in the flood-waters just to prove to my-self that I could survive that ever rising water level….. ~~~~~That clever man cast a spell on you, selling you bottle after bottle of useless pills, at a great price, this mans name is Patrick C Huffman N.D. a scammer, a con-artist, a man not to be trusted at all. I do not know what trick he used, because I never thought to question the wisdom of your mother, and the choices she made for her-self. Who am I to judge, of all mans clotted clay, the dingiest clot? Who is there to Love you? Just a little bit of Poison in every expensive bottle, that is the way we do it here, we bleed out every last dollar, and then we cast You away, like so much dross, sheep to the slaughter……I will bet, you cannot even remember my name, and I am not going to remind you. I am just going to put on my walking shoes, and shake the dust off of my feet, and start out walking, I take my Drums, and my sticks with me, where-ever I go, I will find a “Welcome Home!” sign out there…..

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