Oh! My Princess

I spent $3,000 bucks on a snow-blower, just to clear a path for you, my Love, I spent another $3,000 on a DR(TM) mower to cut the weeds down, to make your home more beauty-full. All the neighbors know just how much I loved on you. ~~~~~What the fuck is money? If I put it to work, it does good things for me, if I store it in my mattress it ain’t worth shit paper. If I put in in my local bank and buy CD’s I can donate the interest like forever money, even after I die, if I planned it all right, The CD’s last as long as that bank stays alive, and I just donate the Interest, to good causes like “Doctor’s Without Borders” I Love the way they do medicine! Set up a tent and call in on the good and bad, alike, make no judgments just heal the wounds. It takes a special Soul to dedicate his/her life to doing that, I admire that courage! ~~~~~I wish I could just walk around this planet and make all people well, and healthy, cure all diseases, throw out a tomorrow to live in, just to enjoy! My heart could just stop beating, just like that, dead and gone, what is my life worth? If I did not gift it all away?

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