Forty nights and forty days, just like in the Bible, that old men’s tale, of lies and deception. It was not so hard to do, I just pulled the plug, shut off the Power and went to sleep, I pretended that I was a bear, and I was One of the “Sleeping” Ones. I made myself get up^ and throw another log in the fire-place nice and cozy place to be. It is not so hard to give up^ everything to have a moment of Peace on Earth. If my children are out there “Listening” This is my advice: “Stand UP^ for Your rights”, We old farts are going to all die, and then the burden of a Future is all on YOU! Can YOU bring all the animals, birds, and insects back from the dead world we left to you? Can YOU believe in MAGIC? Because that is what it will take to bring this tired, old, used up^ world back to LIFE again. It is not so hard to fast, one just quits desiring food and BAM! it is gone just like that! A Hungry Strike is a Powerful tool to use, No-body wants to watch a child starve too death, voluntarily. All it takes to change this world is “Patience” just sit there and wait for it to happen, be Brave, my children, it will all work out, have faith in MAGIC, For MAGIC is what made this World to Be…..It was the Great Spirits Magic that made that Sun to shine for US, that moon to follow along, and reflect it, a night-light so to speak…..What am I living for, if not for YOU?

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